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09 Jun 2024 10:40
I just deactivated JCH Optimize, does this help for bugtracking?
09 Jun 2024 10:38
Replied by Pinkeltje on topic Categories stay collapsed
definition in your template. Unable to say more as you are using JCH optimize.
10 Jul 2023 20:12
Thanks for the advice. I did some tests
I took out litespeed and I'm using jch, but the result doesn't change.
With the super user profile it works, while with the registered profile it doesn't work.
I removed the quick answer and used the link that points to the forum. This way it works.
I keep it like this.
28 Jun 2023 23:50
Replied by Quickening on topic uddeIM on Joomla 4
I had a sweet integration going between Kunena, Community Builder, and uddeIM.  If you have not made any custom code changes to your old uddeIM,  you could just copy over all the files ( in /component/com_uddeim and /administrator/component/com_uddeim ).  I hope the Kunena developers update the uddeIm integration. I also still have a problem with the CB integration.
JChatSocial provides a message system too that is more like Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately it does not integrate with anything. UddeIM's Meio autocomplete is not working and the message encryption library mcrypt was removed from official PHP,  but you can still install that.
19 Oct 2022 11:52 - 19 Oct 2022 12:12
with few tests it looks like it may come
by setting at administrator>Global Configuration>tab>system and then at the bottom at
Track Session Metadata No or Yes
Track Guest Session Metadata No or Yes
try there different setting in my test he kept user number.
looks like it's holding data if set to yes
Or he didn't count anymore.
Possibly in combination with JCH optimizer only got right again
by turning it off and Recount Statistics in kunena tools
19 Oct 2022 10:27 - 19 Oct 2022 10:27
strange when i'm main site i don't see com_jchoptimize
but when I click on menu forum I see com_jchoptimize active ?
can you see if you can turn that off, that might help
have seen several times before on the Kunena that com_jchoptimize can sometimes cause conflicts or problems
If you turn it off, clean cache etc.
And if necessary, also set error reporting to maximum
14 Oct 2022 09:58
The JChat developper answers

Actually this is a known bug of Kunena, another client experienced the same and he reported the problem to Kunena developers.
The problem is the for some unknown reason the 'Add files' button is not enabled by Kunena if there is a chat on the page.

Nevertheless I found a solution that works for me
  • Goto JChatSocial Enterprise > Configuration
  • «Advanced» tab
  • Load compatibility mode: select «Mode 1» («Mode 2» was selected as default. With «Mode 1» it works for me)
14 Oct 2022 09:25
The guilty component is « JChat ». I did not find a solution yet, but I am in contact with the vendor.
13 Oct 2022 14:26
I can not explain it .  you're not using JCH Optimize or something?
If you perform the Run Diagnosis with kunena tools, are there sometimes still problems listed?
I'm also converting a forum to joomla4 and kunena Version 6 myself and I don't have those problems myself with trees and topic can be 3 to 9 years ago.
11 Aug 2022 16:14
Replied by karloshull on topic Add files
When Jchat is turned off the forum works fine on 8.0.21 php. Server hasnt got any higher php

His script didnt fix the problem fully, so when users goes to add a post, jchat is now setup so it turns off.
09 Aug 2022 17:47
Replied by karloshull on topic Add files
Ok Jchatsocial looked at my website and said 

Hi Karl,
i had a look and found that actually it's not something caused by JChatSocial, it looks like a bug in Kunena Forum.
When the chat is on page the button is kept as 'Disabled' by Kunena even if there is no reason.
For the moment i've added a small script to the index.php of the Cassiopeia template to fix the problem, i guess you should report it back to Kunena.
09 Aug 2022 08:04
Replied by Leen on topic Add files
ok so it works if you turn off that JChatSocial?
do you also have with other php higher version 8.0.21.  tested?
Let us know here what their solution is so that others can also benefit from it
08 Aug 2022 18:39
Replied by karloshull on topic Add files
I have found the program, its JChatSocial Enterprise Edition and its up to date too so I will email them!
04 Aug 2022 13:28
Replied by Leen on topic Add files
strange that nothing helps.
If you use an htaccess with any adjustments, turn it off for a while by giving it a different name for a test whether it works.
And Rich also asked if you use eg plugin JCH Optimize if so also turn it off.
or take a look in your template to see if you see anything about Optimize and then turn it on or off and test
22 Jul 2022 08:19 - 22 Jul 2022 09:50
Is the Error Reporting set to maximum in the Joomla site as well?
latest joomla version is 3.10.10. And sometimes also helps with Extensions: Update Sites right at number to everything and then check the box on the left to select everything and then click rebuild. after that click on update extensions clear cache and on new search to make sure everything is up to date
the problem with the website is that with a hoster or is it at a local server like Wamp or Xampp.
And do you sometimes use extra extensions or plug-ins such as JCH optimizer.
sometimes it can help if you also include your Report Configuration
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