The Kunena Forum offers in the security settings the option, to report spam users on StopForumSpam. To use this function, it is necessary to save the IP addresses. Take care, that the privacy policies are compatible with your country.

  1. You need an valid API Key from the service StopForumSpam
  2. Go in the backend to Kunena -> Configuration -> tab Security, scroll down and enter the API Key
  3. Check also in the security setting if the option IP Address Tracking is On (without IP the spam user cannot be reported)

Hint: If you want report an user, do it before you delete his spam posts permanently.

IP Address Tracking

Backend -> Kunena -> Configuration -> tab Security -> IP Address Tracking

With this option you can save the IP addresses from users which take troughs actions in the forum. The Admin can see the addresses in the Backend -> Kunena -> Users and in the frontend at the posts. Moderators can see the IPs at the posts only when is chosen in the Configuration -> Frontend -> Hide IP Addresses From Moderators = No (default setting is hidden).

Remove Stored IP Addresses

No longer needed IDs can be deleted in the Backend -> Components -> Kunena Forum -> Tools -> Remove Stored IP Addresses

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