This menu item goes to your personal profile. This tutorial will show you a complete profile page with his features.

Overview Profile Page

  1. The edit button goes to the profile settings
  2. Your email address - other users can see it only if you allow it (see Edit Profile - Forum Settings)
  3. Tab Posts - shows your own posts
  4. Tab Subscribtions - shows your subscriptions (with options to unsubscribe your topics and category subscriptions)
  5. Tab Favorites - shows your favorites (with option to unfavorite)
  6. Tab Thank You - shows Given Thank You and Received Thank You
  7. Tab Unapproved only for moderators - shows unapproved posts
  8. Attachment Manager - own attachments can be deleted
  9. Ban Manager only for moderators - shows banned users

Edit Profile

User Account

  1. User Name - Username can’t be changed unless the administrator allowed it (Backend -> Users -> Manage -> Options -> Change Login Name = Yes).
  2. Your Real Name
  3. Your E-mail - can be changed
  4. Password change
  5. Editor - This setting has no effect
  6. Time Zone - Choose your time zone
  7. Frontend Language - Changing is only possible when others languages are installed

Profile Information

Various information can be entered here (such as Birthdate, Location etc..). All options are optional.

Avatar Image

Users can upload their own avatars.

Forum Settings

  1. Message Ordering - Possible is First post first (default) and Last post first
  2. Hide E-mail - When is set Yes, other users cannot see the address
  3. Show Online - When is set No, you are offline for other users
  4. Select subscription as default - Choose default subscription Yes or No regardless of the general setting.
  5. Select the time period for Recent Topics, My Topics, etc..
  6. Clear Cache - Empties your profile cache

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