PM System

The private message system availaible in K6.1 has been developped for new RocketTheme site from 2014 when they had migrated from phpbb3 to Kunena RocketTheme Blog. It is not comparable to a PM software like Uddeim, but is only meant to be able to send someone a private message during a forum discussion.

If PM Messages is activated in the Kunena configuration (tab Users), there is an additional button in the CKEditor.

How to write a PM and who to send it to

To do this, click on Reply directly below the post of a user to whom the PM message is addressed. reply_to_horsti

Write your forum post for all to read readable_for_all

This text is private (in this case for user horsti) private_message

You can see the result here. The text outlined in red is only readable by the addressed user and the moderators. private_message_result

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