Admins only for Kunena


This tutorial will show you to how to create administrators only for Kunena.

Important! Create a database backup before. There is no reset option in Joomla to undo it if incorrect permissions are set.

Step 1: Add New User Group

Backend -> Users -> Groups -> Add New Group

Step 2: Group Title

Now you’ll see a new window User Group Details.

  • Enter a Group Title
  • Click Save & Close

The new Group has been created.

Step 3: Access Level

  • Click on Viewing Access Levels
  • Select Special

  • Mark Kunena Admins & Save

Step 4: Add Users to the Group

  • Go back to the user management
  • Mark your desired users
  • Use the Batch function

  • Select the User Group Kunena Admins
  • Click Process

Step 5: Permission Setting for this Group

  • Global Configuration -> (Tab) Permissions
  • Site Login - Allowed
  • Administrator Login - Allowed
  • Offline Access - Allowed
  • Save & Close

Step 6: Permission Setting for Kunena

  • Choose on the left Kunena Forum
  • Select - (tab) Kunena Admins
  • Access Administration Interface - Allowed
  • Save & Close

  • Go to Kunena Dashboard -> Options

  • Also check this setting in the Dashboard


If everything was done correctly. then have Kunena Admins backend access but no access to Joomla features.

Kunena has no own user management, Kunena and Joomla users are the same. If this Admin deletes an Kunena user, he removes this user also from Joomla!

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