The Kunena Team announces the immediate availability of Kunena 1.5.13. This is a security release and all users are recommended to upgrade.

Kunena 1.5.13 fixes various security issues found recently and minors bugs reported by users and moderators recent months as well.

For additional information see our documentation wiki: Click Here


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C0n replied the topic: #1 11 years 2 months ago
ooo im going to take a look im intreasted to see the new updates :D
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lavsteph replied the topic: #2 11 years 2 months ago
As always, good job.

Congratulations to the development team

We did it! As of tonight - the closing night of Joomla Day West 2010 - the biggest one ever, hosted in the US - we have released Kunena 1.6.0 stable.

What a ride! We have been working hard for the last 9 months to bring you the best Kunena ever. The changelog file is more than 3500 (!) lines long.

A HUGE thanks goes to Matias who has delivered large portions of the new architecture, closely followed by xillibit who has become the second most active committer in 2010. If you have not seen the latest stats (click here) - both are within the top 10 committers in all of Joomla in 2010. Matias is #3 and xillibit is in #7 overall position for 2010 - again this is for all of!

Our lead committers are closely followed by myself, severdia, dragan (@quila), 810 and additional support came from the allmighty eddieajau, the infamous louis, sam and our team members sozzled, LittleJohn, LDA, TDP2, Mortti, Alakentu and rich.

Kunena has become a real community, 9 quarters of sustained development work has made Kunena the 3rd most active component of all of Joomla code and the top component for 2010. Kunena is not a one day wonder, its not commercial in any way and we are modeling our community more and more after Joomla itself.

And it is far from over. We will be contributing parts of Kunena into other Joomla projects - like our advanced build and install system, to allow ALL joomla developers, to leverage these complex subcomponents in there own work. In a session with Andrew Eddie and Azrul this weekend, we decided to start work on extension skeletons that contain all the proper basics including build scripts that will make extensions better.



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laulaulau replied the topic: #1 11 years 2 months ago
Great work!
fixyourtech replied the topic: #2 11 years 2 months ago
I love kunena 1.6, great work
looking forward to further development ;)
snilloconator's Avatar
snilloconator replied the topic: #3 11 years 2 months ago
Keep up the excellent work K-Team!

I'm not sure if anyone has token that phrase the "K-Team" yet but I think it's suiting.

I'm just wondering who would be Murdock out of the bunch...? LOL All jokes aside, the Kunena team has out done itself and has come a very long way!!!! GREAT COMMUNITY GUYS AND GALS!
ke4obt replied the topic: #4 11 years 2 months ago
I would like to take this opportunity to say great job and thank you to the whole Kunena team.
As a blind Joomla! site owner and maintainer I am always looking to keep everything on my site accessible and the Kunena team has done it's self proud with Kunena 1.6.0.
Not only is the front-end totally accessible but so is the administration area.

I am now awaiting (with baited breath! )the release of Kunena 1.6.1 and the new Kunena Skinner template (aka (to me anyway) - The Chameleon).

Again, my most heart felt thanks to all the developers and moderators for there help, and a special thanks goes out to "M" (you know who you are) for all your time, effort and hours spent on skype helping me get things working properly as well as your recommendations, suggestions and art work.

Caestor replied the topic: #5 11 years 2 months ago


The Kunena Team is excited to announce the release of Kunena 1.6.0 stable. This is the final release for Kunena 1.6 and is stable enough to be used on live production websites. We encourage all users of prior Kunena releases to upgrade to 1.6 (backup and testing are strongly recommended!).

Since the third release candidate of Kunena 1.6, the Kunena team has been focused on fixing over 100 bugs and issues including CSS fixes, IE7 and IE8 compatibility, usability issues, API issues, html validation issues, new modules and plug-ins and updating languages translations.

Kunena 1.6 marks a major milestone for the Kunena Project. A long list of open source contributors have committed over 2500 changes and have helped make Kunena the leading forum solution for both Joomla 1.5 and 1.6. A long list of new features in addition to various optimizations and code restructuring have resulted in the most advanced version of Kunena to date.

We continue to put a big emphasis on usability and ease of installation. Therefore, the installer has been further enhanced to allow for multiple installation and upgrade options. It performs incremental steps to avoid timeouts on slower hosts. It automatically performs actions such as taking the forum offline during the installation or upgrade and re-enables it after completing the install.

Kunena now supports Joomla 1.6 style languages files that are backward compatible with Joomla 1.5. Multiple languages are included in the base install packages and more will be available soon. They can also be installed separately. Kunena 1.6 also support multiple languages to be installed on a single system and, together with Joomla, allows users to select their preferred language.

Templates have now been separated from the underlying code, which allows for version-independent template development. Templates can embed various options that can be set via the included template manager (e.g. avatar position on left, right, top, or bottom in the new default template, Blue Eagle).

The Kunena Team is fully committed to Joomla 1.6 and beyond and a number of modules have been developed to lay the groundwork for future releases of Joomla.

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Mathyas's Avatar
Mathyas replied the topic: #1 10 years 10 months ago
When can we expect the 2.0 version?
apaajalahoke's Avatar
apaajalahoke replied the topic: #2 11 years 2 months ago
congrats.. :D
csommer's Avatar
csommer replied the topic: #3 11 years 2 months ago
My site proudly runs Kunena! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to an awesome project!
derickson's Avatar
derickson replied the topic: #4 11 years 2 months ago
Thank you
willis replied the topic: #5 11 years 2 months ago
Thanks Guys!

There has been a lot of talk why Kunena switched to MooTools for our Javascript framework needs and why, in particular, with version 1.2.x  that comes default with Joomla 1.5.19+ and 1.6.0.

I'd like to shine some light on the background of the ins and outs, clear up some confusion, and maybe provide some insight into why we believe this is one of the better decisions we have made since the start of Kunena.

When Kunena 1.0 started from the ashes of Fireboard, Joomlaboard, Simpleboard and the like, it came with Javascript based on the very popular jQuery framework. We enhanced and developed more and more features using jQuery, upgraded the libraries and kept moving forward with that direction.

More and more often we would get reports about broken Javascript and loss of the bbcode editor, quickreply and minimizer functionality on various sites. For almost a year, we tried to develop solutions to prevent our jQuery libraries from crashing with other jQuery libraries from various templates and third-party components. As it turns out jQuery (as all other frameworks would probably do) crash when on a given page two different versions of the same library are included.

So we wrote code with that between components like JomSocial and Kunena would result in the load of only a single copy of the libraries.

After dealing with these issues for many months and countless forum threads that last to this very day and after talking to various Joomla core developers and architects we came to the conclusion that we have been at this totally wrong for the longest time.

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gwmbox's Avatar
gwmbox replied the topic: #1 11 years 1 month ago
Hi guys, sorry to slightly hijack this thread but it is related... in sorts :)

So anyway I have been out of the loop for a little while, so am I correct in that Mootools is now the 'must use' or 'recommended' js language to now use over jQuery for Joomla as a whole with (or without) Kunena?

If so I better get started on converting my site over to Mootools.

Is there a way for me to find out what plug-ins/extensions I have that depend on jQuery?


xreliable's Avatar
xreliable replied the topic: #2 11 years 3 months ago
thank you. I believe this is the best approach. the jquery mootools argument is beside the point really! the 3pd who approach their product with a "ours is best, adjust to us" make life miserable for their customers and ultimately I agree 100% Bad Websites. Keep up the good work.