Kunena 5.2 RC 1 Released (25 Oct 2020)

The Kunena team is thrilled to announce the first public release candidate of Kunena 5.2, a native Joomla extension for Joomla 3.9. This is a development release and should be only be used for testing; this version is not recommended for live websites at this stage.

The purpose of this release is to encourage testing by downloading, installing and identifying any problems or shortcomings that people may discover. K 5.2.0 RC1 is stable and we are aware that people will discover defects. We encourage you to use the forum to report defects, as soon as they are discovered, so that the development team can work through the problems before the release of K 5.1 as a stable product. Reporting defects does not mean that the problems can or will be fixed. The Kunena team is looking forward to hearing your feedback on how well we have achieved our design goals.

Question SEF issue with Kunena on a Multilingual site

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #1 by plix

I am having a SEF issue with Kunena on a multilingual site.

I have 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and I am using SH404SEF.

I have managed to translate the Main kunena menu (module) following these tutorials:



The translation part was fine.

Below are the issues and questions I do have:

1) Main Forum link:

My main forum links are like this:

site.com/forum.html (french is my main language)

How to have /forum/ instead of forum.html ?



I have the suffix setting (.html) ON in SH404SEF. I would like to keep it for pages but remove it for folders, categories and user profile url.

2) Kunena Menu items issue:

I have 4 main kunena menu that I have translated into 4 langues.

Also I have manually created Kunena menu items. I have just copied item from the Main Kunena menu to main joomla menu) Please see the example below.

I have manually created them because the main Kunena menu module automatically shows menu items only if you are using the Blue Eagle template. In the Cripsis template if you don't create/add kunena menu item in the main joomla menu manually, the main Kunena module will just be empty. it won't show the menu items.

Example of menu items I have manually created:

Forum (for english langage)
- Index
- Recent Topics
- New Topic

Forum (for french language)
- Index
- Sujets R├ęcents
- Nouveau Sujet


Now the issue I am having is that: /forum/ is not added to the kunena Menu item urls.

Kunena menu items are like this:


Instead of:


I don't know if it is a configuration issue from my side. Please How to fix it and get /forum/ into the Kenena Menu item URLs?

Even the kunena user url is like this:


instead of:


Likely, the forum category urls are fine:


Please help me to add /forum/ to the kunena forum urls.

3) URLs duplication:

After setting the multilingual site and forum, now every forum page has 4 urls (same page).



Isn't a serious SEO issue? I am really worrying about it. Will not my site be penalized by search engines like Google for urls duplication?

Please advise.

Thanks for your help. My apologies for the long post. I have tried to explain my issue as clearly possible.

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4 years 11 months ago #2 by 810
I think you better can ask the sef404 for their support. because you need to customize the options that you want.

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4 years 11 months ago #3 by plix

810 wrote: I think you better can ask the sef404 for their support. because you need to customize the options that you want.

Com'on, some of the issues seem to be related to the main kunena menu.

Please any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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