Kunena 5.2 RC 1 Released (25 Oct 2020)

The Kunena team is thrilled to announce the first public release candidate of Kunena 5.2, a native Joomla extension for Joomla 3.9. This is a development release and should be only be used for testing; this version is not recommended for live websites at this stage.

The purpose of this release is to encourage testing by downloading, installing and identifying any problems or shortcomings that people may discover. K 5.2.0 RC1 is stable and we are aware that people will discover defects. We encourage you to use the forum to report defects, as soon as they are discovered, so that the development team can work through the problems before the release of K 5.1 as a stable product. Reporting defects does not mean that the problems can or will be fixed. The Kunena team is looking forward to hearing your feedback on how well we have achieved our design goals.

Question Major upgrade from Joomla 1.0 and Fireboard 1.0xx

11 years 4 months ago #1 by thune

I have a Fireboard 1.0 (not sure which 1.0 version) installation and Joomla 1.0 on a Mysql 4.1 server. The new server with Mysql 5 is ready. The end result when I'm done with the move/joomla upgrade should be Joomla 1.5 with Kunena 1.5.2rc which (according to twitter) is in final testing.

My plan is to upgrade to Joomla 1.5 on the new server with Mysql 5 (that Kunena needs) and then use 1.5.2rc to upgrade my Fireboard 1.0 version.

Will this work?

Or do you recommend I use 1.0.10 version and run Joomla 1.5 in Legacy mode and upgrade to 1.5.2 stable later?

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11 years 4 months ago - 11 years 4 months ago #2 by sozzled
It depends on how quickly you want your website up and running.

I am still involved in reviewing the changes made to K 1.0.10 on one last production site. I was considering upgrading from Joomla 1.5.9 to 1.5.11 but I read several comments from users here that may put that idea back a while and I may leave Joomla as it is (or upgrade to J! 1.5.10). I haven't decided yet. Kunena 1.0.10 was supposed to correct defects in K 1.0.9 but it also introduced a significant number of new functionality; I've spent the past 3 (or 4? - I can't remember now) weeks testing things out.

As far as K 1.5.2 is concerned, I don't know anything about it. Being the cautious optimist that I am :laugh:, I'm holding off with this version until I see the results of other people's experiences. Judging from the number of reported difficulties with K 1.0.10 this could take a while.

If I were in your shoes I would do the planning and migration from J! 1.0 to J! 1.5 anyway and I would take your old Fireboard forum, convert it to Kunena 1.0.10, make the necessary changes you'll find in the "solutions" discussion topic (there are several) - and run your production site there. I would also install K 1.5.2 (when it's available) on a J! 1.5.11 platform as a test site.

Upgrading from K 1.0.10 to K 1.5.x - at a later stage - should be a no-brainer. :)
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