We did it! As of tonight - the closing night of Joomla Day West 2010 - the biggest one ever, hosted in the US - we have released Kunena 1.6.0 stable.

What a ride! We have been working hard for the last 9 months to bring you the best Kunena ever. The changelog file is more than 3500 (!) lines long.

A HUGE thanks goes to Matias who has delivered large portions of the new architecture, closely followed by xillibit who has become the second most active committer in 2010. If you have not seen the latest JoomlaCode.org stats (click here) - both are within the top 10 committers in all of Joomla in 2010. Matias is #3 and xillibit is in #7 overall position for 2010 - again this is for all of JoomlaCode.org!

Our lead committers are closely followed by myself, severdia, dragan (@quila), 810 and additional support came from the allmighty eddieajau, the infamous louis, sam and our team members sozzled, LittleJohn, LDA, TDP2, Mortti, Alakentu and rich.

Kunena has become a real community, 9 quarters of sustained development work has made Kunena the 3rd most active component of all of Joomla code and the top component for 2010. Kunena is not a one day wonder, its not commercial in any way and we are modeling our community more and more after Joomla itself.

And it is far from over. We will be contributing parts of Kunena into other Joomla projects - like our advanced build and install system, to allow ALL joomla developers, to leverage these complex subcomponents in there own work. In a session with Andrew Eddie and Azrul this weekend, we decided to start work on extension skeletons that contain all the proper basics including build scripts that will make extensions better.



Kunena 1.6.0 is a massive milestone for the Kunena project. But in addition to getting it stable we have already been busy on K 1.7. The new ACL is already done and has adapters for Joomla 1.6, JomSocial, Jextended controls and other ACL components, to support advanced ACL also under Joomla 1.5. 

We have also backported the ACL functionality and will make it available with Kunena 1.6.1 in the upcoming weeks. This means Kunena finally gets full advanced ACL management for both K1.6.x and the next major release K1.7.

Skinner - our new self skinning template will get released shortly. We demonstrated our developer version of it this weekend at JoomlaDay West 2010 and the audience was in awe. Everybody wants the new template that blends itself into any existing Joomla site template.

Several of the big template designers have expressed strong interest in designing new Kunena templates based on the Kunena 1.6+ template engine. We expect to see more interesting templates to come out over the next weeks and months.

Kunena 1.7 will also get an advanced JomSocial integration with in group discussions powered by Kunena, ACL and privacy settings derived from JS groups, multiple category per group support and many more features. Many of which have already been coded in the past month.

Kunena 1.7 is also going to take performance to yet another level. We are implementing a newly designed database model, that will speed up sites with multi million posts/threads significantly.

We have also implemented a brand new bbcode parser, that will allow us to offer custom bbcode extensions and even more complex bbcodes. It fixes broken bbcode, is extremely fast and based of the OpenSource NBBC framework. We are also looking into making that parser available to all of Joomla through the Kunena system plug-in. Imagine to leverage Kunena bbcode tags and smilies in ALL your joomla content.

Last but not least more and more enterprises are picking Kunena 1.6 for their implementations. We are proud to be part of the eBay Joomla project that is delivering an internal social network for all of its employees based on Joomla, JomSocial and Kunena. And if you have not seen, GE Transportation just launched a brand new website powered by Joomla and Kunena 1.6.

There are already more than 100,000 Kunena 1.6 sites around the world - the day it goes stable. Adoption has been very strong and the project has never before seen better feedback from the community about our work and progress.

We encourage all of you to join in and contribute.

Our sincere THANK YOU go out to all of you that have helped and supported us in any way, shape or form!

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laulaulau replied the topic: #1 11 years 11 months ago
Great work!
fixyourtech replied the topic: #2 11 years 11 months ago
I love kunena 1.6, great work
looking forward to further development ;)
snilloconator's Avatar
snilloconator replied the topic: #3 11 years 11 months ago
Keep up the excellent work K-Team!

I'm not sure if anyone has token that phrase the "K-Team" yet but I think it's suiting.

I'm just wondering who would be Murdock out of the bunch...? LOL All jokes aside, the Kunena team has out done itself and has come a very long way!!!! GREAT COMMUNITY GUYS AND GALS!
ke4obt replied the topic: #4 11 years 11 months ago
I would like to take this opportunity to say great job and thank you to the whole Kunena team.
As a blind Joomla! site owner and maintainer I am always looking to keep everything on my site accessible and the Kunena team has done it's self proud with Kunena 1.6.0.
Not only is the front-end totally accessible but so is the administration area.

I am now awaiting (with baited breath! )the release of Kunena 1.6.1 and the new Kunena Skinner template (aka (to me anyway) - The Chameleon).

Again, my most heart felt thanks to all the developers and moderators for there help, and a special thanks goes out to "M" (you know who you are) for all your time, effort and hours spent on skype helping me get things working properly as well as your recommendations, suggestions and art work.

Caestor replied the topic: #5 11 years 11 months ago