The Kunena team has now released Kunena 2.0.4 for J! 1.5 and J! 2.5. K 2.0.4 is a security and maintenance release for Kunena that addresses over 30 issues that were reported since the last version release. The Kunena team recommends this updated version as a replacement for any earlier version of Kunena.

Details about K 2.0.4 are contained in the Kunena 2.0.4 release notes. Although K 2.0.4 is only a minor/dot-point release, there are changes in behaviour between this version and the previous release (K 2.0.3); it essential that people read the release notes before upgrading to better prepare for changes to the way that Kunena now works.

As a security response against possible XSS attacks, K 2.0.4 makes all previous versions of Kunena obsolete and no longer supported by the team. We encourage all users to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible to avoid the possibility that your forum's operations may be compromised as a result of this issue. Questions regarding older versions of Kunena will not be answered on the forum.

With the release of K 2.0.4 out of the way, the Kunena team will now be able to focus attention on the development of K 3.0. The essential differences between K 3.0 and K 2.0 are

  1. K 3.0 will not support J! 1.5
  2. K 3.0 will support J! 2.5 and J! 3.0

K 2.0.4 Highlights

  • Two potential XSS vulnerabilities have been detected and changes have been made to address these.
  • Changes that affect forum announcements
  • General improvements to forum administration (backend) features
  • Fixes to many reported problems with Kunena menu types that failed to work since the introduction of K 2.0
  • Resolution of problems using the Trash Manager
  • Changed behaviour: Changed behaviour: Guests are able to view results of polls (although they are not permitted to vote); logged-in users (who have not yet voted) will not be able to see the results of the poll until after they have voted. The team is aware that this changed behaviour may influence voting patterns; the changed behaviour is an unfortunate side-effect of correcting other poll-related problems.
  • Remediation of "message preview" issues
  • Remediation of K 2.0.3 known issues

Kunena 2.0.4 is available for download at

The future of K 2.0

With the release of K 2.0.4 completed, and with the team now focusing on K 3.0, we would expect that this version will be the last in the K 2.0 series. This means that K 2.0.4 will be the only version supported (by the team) as far as J! 1.5 is concerned, but only to the extent of providing essential hotfixes. It is unlikely that a new version of K 2.0 will be released after this time.

What this means for those who have J! 1.5 websites is that they will be stuck with K 2.0 and people will not be able to take advantage of enhancements, features or bugfixes that may occur in future. What this means for those who have J! 1.5 is that, at some stage after the release of K 3.0, K 2.0 will no longer be supported by the team. This should signal J! 1.5 site operators to consider their strategic position as to how they will proceed from now. While there is no urgency at this time for people to upgrade from a website that they currently have no problems with, this does not mean that people should necessarily become complacent either. These are matters for each J! 1.5 site owner to consider for themselves.

The future of Kunena is tied to the future of Joomla. With J! 3.0 soon to be used more widely, the team is making efforts to respond to the ongoing challenges of ensuring that Kunena meets the growing demand for the "latest and greatest".

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sozzled replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
sozzled's Avatar
yuri1982: this is not the topic to ask these kinds if questions. You have asked the sane questions in several other places on our forum. It is incorrect to say that "noting works". K 2.0.4 has been downloaded several thousand times. If it dud not work then you would not be the only person making your voice heard.

The reason why, in your case, some things are not working is because you have not properly published your Kunena menu and because you have installed some Joomla extension that clobbers Joomla Mootools. See msg #1 of

Thank you.
yuri1982 replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
yuri1982's Avatar

1) The Menu not work in all Page of Kunena :angry:

2) I can't attach image, when i go to click on attach open a window to choise image, when i choise not show nothing in file attach

3) Tabs in the Profile not Work

sozzled replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
sozzled's Avatar
We are having some administration issues with the "automatic update" system. We're working on fixing this problem; it may be fixed in a few hours, days or weeks. I do not have any information about when the automatic release system information will be changed.

In the meantime I would leave people with the following words of wisdom: "There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who wonder what happened."

It takes very little time to read the release notes for K 2.0.4 and to update to K 2.0.4. If people continue to wait for the automatic update to occur, that's their choice. It's also our decision not to respond to questions where people continue to use outdated versions of Kunena that are no longer being looked after by anyone.
hkymre replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
hkymre's Avatar
I'm still seeing 2.0.3 as the latest version so updated my sites the joomla way
sozzled replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
sozzled's Avatar
As with all new releases of Kunena, the auto update is not enabled for the first 24-48 hours after the release. This is to encourage early adoption by members of the community who require urgent fixes for various issues/problems that they may be having. In good time, the "autoupdate" information will be propagated throughout the internet.

In the meantime, upgrading to Kunena using the usual Joomla method is easy and will take most people around 30 seconds to do the job. Even if people rely on the "autoupdate" method, people should still read carefully the release notes before committing the update.

For those of you who continue to ask "when will the autoupdate become available?" our standard response to this question is "Usually within 24-48 hours after a new version released is announced."

I hope this helps. :)
b00ker replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
b00ker's Avatar
autoupdate works?
carsten888 replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
carsten888's Avatar
Currently 19-1-2013 Kunena's liveupdate still says I got the latest version with 2.0.3.
Please update the Akeeba update.ini file.
nsprime replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
nsprime's Avatar
Thanks for a job well done.

Smooth upgrade.
roland76 replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
roland76's Avatar
Hello together,

just installed 2.0.4 - everythink runs smooth.

Great work!

Greetings, Roland
sozzled replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
sozzled's Avatar
Thanks, too, Shimei for all your help. K 2.0.4 will remain a supported version for a couple of months longer but there will not be any changes or enhancements made to this last release in the K 2.0 series ... unless there are important changes required from a security point-of-view. :)
Shimei replied the topic:
10 years 10 months ago
Shimei's Avatar
Thanks a bunch Kunena team!

Upgraded from 2.03 to 2.04 without a hiccup. Applied some little hacks (mainly SEO) and changed some things in the default blue eagle template. After making these changes I made my way to the trash manager and... hooray! It works flawlessly!

Sorry to see this site go, that is, with my Joomla! 1.5.26 site and Kunena 2.04 -- my site is finally complete. This combination will now allow me to concentrate on data entry. I write this because more than likely this will be my departing post. I have no foreseeable reason to upgrade Joomla! to version 2, or 3, and therefore will not be keeping up with the Joneses (my Joomla! neighbors).

With no errors/bugs to report -- I hope that this is my last post here!

Thanks Team!