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Question sharing on social media: text to 'long'

5 years 7 months ago #1 by ruud

as sharing on social media is getting more and more important in 'attracting' users to our website (currently more then 60% come in via tweet / facebook message), sharing should be easy.

As an example I will use the bufferapp to share a message.

When sharing a reaction via the buffer app this is what gets shared:

ACCLerendeleiders.nl - Lerende Leiders - TOPIC: De next-step: Next-level democracy in action URL

as you can see somewhere the website name (acclerendeleiders.nl) and the forum name (lerende leiders) are added.
They have no added value so they need to be manually removed: this will stop people from sharing (believe me :)) when shared people will not click on it because they have to read past a lot of information that has no value for them. because of this additional text, the tweet is becomming to long to RT with comment etc.

The information shared should be fitted for the reader, not for the sending website :)

This is what would ideally be shared:

TOPIC: De next-step: Next-level democracy in action URL

sharing = caring

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