Blue Eagle (1.5.0) for K5.1 is released (20 Jul 2018)

Please update the Kunena Blue Eagle to 1.5.0 if you use Kunena 5.1.
We made several bug fixes and improvements. Also Blue Eagle has now all the features from Crypsis.
Download: www.kunena.org/download/templates/category/blue-eagle-5


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Question K3.0.8 bugs/issue's

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #1 by 810
K3.0.8 bugs/issue's was created by 810
Issue: Poll: If you split/move only the first message it creates a additional poll:
Solution: github.com/Kunena/Kunena-Forum/pull/2928/files

Issue: Ebay affiliate
Solution: github.com/Kunena/Kunena-Forum/pull/2930/files

Issue: Space on email missing
Solution: github.com/Kunena/Kunena-Forum/pull/2933/files

Issue: Total Users disappears when Allow Guests to see Userlist set to No
Solution: github.com/Kunena/Kunena-Forum/pull/2932/files
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