Blue Eagle (1.5.0) for K5.1 is released (20 Jul 2018)

Please update the Kunena Blue Eagle to 1.5.0 if you use Kunena 5.1.
We made several bug fixes and improvements. Also Blue Eagle has now all the features from Crypsis.
Download: www.kunena.org/download/templates/category/blue-eagle-5

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Question Template Override Bug?

4 years 1 month ago #1 by triscoe
Hi, I am using J!3.2.3 and Kunena 3.0.5.

I'm guessing this is a bug? I have a template override set up.

I have left the default categories installed and just gone about working on the template.

I have changed the file /category/list_embed.php to reflect a change I would like. Just as an example, if I put an extra <div>test</div> into the override file, this is reflected on the home page (index) of the forum.

But, then when I click 'Main Forum' the change is not reflected. If I then place the same edit in the file /category/list_embed.php in the main Blue Eagle template folder, the change is reflected on the 'Main Forum'.

If I click onto the index page, this still reads the template override file, as it should. Is this a bug?

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