Kunena 6.3.0 released

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.3.0 [K 6.3.0] in stable which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.4.x/5.0.x/5.1.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.2 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.3

Question Problems with Default Avatars in Kunena

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #1 by purezen
Hello Support
I'm reasonably confident there are problems with the display of Customized Default Avatars in Kunena
Before posting this message, I made sure to test all combinations of Joomla 4 and Kunena 6 templates - same problem occurs with the Aurelia template.
I do use a custom Kunena template from 9themestore.

1. Custom Default Avatar Image not showing in Kunena - I have custom default images uploaded.
In the frontend of Kunena, a tiny .SVG image is showing instead.

My Settings in Kunena backend are:
Configuration / Avatars.
Default avatar Type = Image
Default avatar = nophoto.png
Default small avatar = s_nophoto.png

I already had custom avatars uploaded from my Kunena 5 install and checked to see custom images were imported into the Kunena 6 install - they are all there.

2. The second problem is the size of the default avatar image - it's very, very small.

Screen shot showing small and incorrect avatar.
I am also aware of bugs with my custom 9themestore template, which I'm working on right now, but I don't believe they are the cause of this problem.
From this page:  www.moviestudiozen.com/forum/vegas-pro/3...otal-bitrate-setting



For a comparison, this is how my Custom Default Avatar used to display on the Kunena 5 forum (Joomla 3).
I have a hidden copy of my old website and forum located here:
Custom Default Avatar image url was this:


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1 year 8 months ago #2 by Leen
have you also tested various settings at e.g. Template : Aurelia > tab Features
and also at the avatar tab you can change size


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1 year 8 months ago #3 by rich
Confirmed, it's not possile to use a "nophoto" image. I will create a bug ticket.
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