Kunena 6.3.1 released

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.3.1 [K 6.3.1] in stable which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.4.x/5.0.x/5.1.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.2 / K 6.3 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.3

Question Slow Rendering on afterRenderComponent

9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Corse
For a while now the forum I've been running has been slower and slower.
I found a thread on this which explains the exact symptoms I am experiencing.  I keep trying to update the URL but it keeps translating to garbage text in here, so lookup "Slow execution of open, search and reply after move to kunena" since it isn't letting me link it on here.
Essentially, database queries are very quick, but when it gets to the render function, it becomes very very slow taking sometimes upwards of 50 seconds to refresh or load pages.
Some individual pages are very quick.  However, going to the main page, or loading an index of topics is incredibly slow.

I've cleaned up the database, made sure I'm not dealing with tons of duplicates, made sure things are updated, cleaned the cache.  I've turned on debug mode and the only thing I can see here is that the render function is taking forever.  I've seen other people mention "this has to do with loading images" and was "fixed with server settings" but no one has mentioned what those settings are.
If anyone has any ideas where I can start looking I'd be happy to dive in.  I thought maybe I was crazy but I've seen a few other threads on this and want to try to get to the bottom of it (and also post the solution once found, so others can fix).

Time: 84.58 ms / 84.58 ms Memory: 2.022 MB / 2.36 MB Application: afterLoad
Time: 481.72 ms / 566.30 ms Memory: 11.416 MB / 13.77 MB Application: afterInitialise
Time: 90.89 ms / 657.19 ms Memory: 2.106 MB / 15.88 MB Application: Before Access::preloadComponents (all components)
Time: 2.03 ms / 659.22 ms Memory: 0.072 MB / 15.95 MB Application: After Access::preloadComponents (all components)
Time: 0.07 ms / 659.29 ms Memory: -0.003 MB / 15.95 MB Application: Before Access::getAssetRules (id:1 name:root.1)
Time: 2.38 ms / 661.66 ms Memory: 0.028 MB / 15.97 MB Application: After Access::getAssetRules (id:1 name:root.1)
Time: 131.80 ms / 793.46 ms Memory: 2.415 MB / 18.39 MB Application: afterRoute
Time: 0.91 ms / 794.37 ms Memory: 0.011 MB / 18.40 MB Application: beforeRenderComponent com_kunena
Time: 85.21 ms / 879.58 ms Memory: 2.726 MB / 21.13 MB Application: Before Access::getAssetRules (id:327 name:com_kunena)
Time: 0.03 ms / 879.61 ms Memory: 0.003 MB / 21.13 MB Application: After Access::getAssetRules (id:327 name:com_kunena)
Time: 60748.23 ms / 61627.84 ms Memory: 6.013 MB / 27.14 MB Application: afterRenderComponent com_kunena
Time: 125.51 ms / 61753.35 ms Memory: 1.160 MB / 28.30 MB Application: afterDispatch
Time: 400.44 ms / 62153.78 ms Memory: 3.762 MB / 32.06 MB Application: beforeRenderModule mod_menu (VLG Member Menu)
Time: 12.30 ms / 62166.09 ms Memory: 0.063 MB / 32.13 MB Application: afterRenderModule mod_menu (VLG Member Menu)
Time: 0.09 ms / 62166.18 ms Memory: -0.005 MB / 32.12 MB Application: beforeRenderModule mod_custom (Donate)
Time: 8.01 ms / 62174.19 ms Memory: 0.008 MB / 32.13 MB Application: afterRenderModule mod_custom (Donate)
Time: 9.66 ms / 62183.85 ms Memory: 0.060 MB / 32.19 MB Application: beforeRenderModule mod_random_image (Home Page Image)
Time: 23.84 ms / 62207.69 ms Memory: 0.023 MB / 32.21 MB Application: afterRenderModule mod_random_image (Home Page Image)
Time: 14.87 ms / 62222.56 ms Memory: 0.051 MB / 32.26 MB Application: beforeRenderModule mod_menu (Main)
Time: 75.58 ms / 62298.14 ms Memory: 0.074 MB / 32.34 MB Application: afterRenderModule mod_menu (Main)
Time: 636.00 ms / 62934.14 ms Memory: 2.679 MB / 35.02 MB Application: afterRender
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9 months 2 weeks ago #2 by Corse
Update: I have changed templates, updated templates for both the site and kunena, with no change in load times.

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9 months 2 weeks ago #3 by Corse
Issue resolved:

Solution: Primary topic had a sticky thread that was giving me a 502 gateway timeout and would time out after 60 seconds.

All other categories would load fine. However, upon utilizing this primary category, it seems the forum was attempting to preload or precache the items on the page, of those, the corrupt or messed up sticky. So it would always take 60+ seconds to load.

Made a new category, moved this thread to it to test. Refreshed forum. All load times now half a second. Very happy.

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