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Question Jomsocial hack to show profile fields and gallery link

6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #1 by thepiston
Thought I'd share this. You can adjust it for your needs.

It shows age in years, gender, link to gallery if it exists, etc.

I put this after line 56 in this file:
//get important Joomla data and connections
$authorid = $this->profile->userid;
$username = $this->profile->username;
$jspath = JPATH_BASE.DS.'components'.DS.'com_community';
$user =& CFactory::getUser($authorid);
// write profile fields you want to retrieve here, find the name of the field on Jomsocial profile field area
$country = $user->getInfo('FIELD_COUNTRY');
$haller = $user->getInfo('FIELD_HALLER');
$gender = $user->getInfo('FIELD_GENDER');
$date_of_birth = $user->getInfo('FIELD_BIRTHDATE');
$condition = $user->getInfo('contition');
$sx_status = $user->getInfo('sx_status');
//figure out age in years
$DateOfBirth      = strtotime($date_of_birth);
$DateDifference   = time() - $DateOfBirth;
$AgeInYears       = $DateDifference /(60*60*24*365);
$AgeInYears  = floor($AgeInYears);
//figure out if gallery exists, if photos are in gallery, and gallery set to public or members
//0=public, 20=members, 30=friends, 40=me only
$query = "SELECT a.`creator`
from `jos_community_photos_albums` a, `jos_community_photos` b
where a.`creator` = $authorid
and a.`permissions` IN (0, 20)
and a.`id` = b.`albumid`";
$db->setQuery( $query ); 
$gallery = $db->loadResult(); 
//show gender and age if available
if (isset($gender, $date_of_birth)) {
echo "$gender, $AgeInYears<br />";
//show link to gallery if there is one
if ($gallery) {
echo "<a href='https://www.YOUR.DOMAIN/my-photos/$authorid-$username'>My Gallery</a><br />";
//these last 2 are specific to my page, but you can do something similar with your custom fields
//show condition and status if they exist
if ((isset($condition, $sx_status)) && ($condition!= "None")) {
echo "$condition<br />$sx_status<br />";
//show haller if it exists
if ($haller) {
echo "Haller: $haller";
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6 years 7 months ago #2 by ChrisK
I'm currently running Joomla 2.5 / JomSocial 3.1.x / Kunena 3.x

I have been trying to get JomSocial Custom Profile Fields to show up on Kunena templates for a while now.

I tried the code you provided, specifically focusing on the JomSocial Custom Profile Fields. Unfortunately though there seems to be an issue with the way the field values are generated, a problem with the Language File.

Instead of

Country: United States

I'm Getting


Just wondering if you might have an idea on how I can go about fixing this up.

Thanks a lot for posting this btw


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6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #3 by thepiston
yep, did same ting for me so I canned Country field. I think there's a problem with Jomsocial. You can find a thread about it on their forum somewhere.
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5 years 7 months ago #4 by xamire
Go to your language override and put this as your constant:


and then whatever you want that to say (Obviously United States) and then the language file will always have that!

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