Kunena 6.3.1 released

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.3.1 [K 6.3.1] in stable which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.4.x/5.0.x/5.1.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.2 / K 6.3 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.3

Solved Does Kunena RSS feed work in K 4.0 Crypsis?

8 years 1 day ago #1 by sozzled
I don't know. I've struggled with this question for the past hour or two. :pinch:

If I use Blue Eagle, the RSS feed icon appears at the foot of the forum. If I use Crypsis or Crypsis B3 there is no RSS feed icon. Is there something simple that I'm overlooking here? :unsure:

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8 years 23 hours ago #2 by 810
its still there on the bottom.
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8 years 20 hours ago #3 by sozzled
Thank you, you're right. The problem I had wasn't that I need new reading glasses; the problem was that the RSS glyph was invisible in my case. I resolved the missing RSS feed icon at the bottom of the page by adding the extra CSS rule
#kunena .icon-feed::before { content: "\f143"; font-family: FontAwesome; }

You were right that the RSS glyph and link is "still there on the bottom" (it's there in the protostar template, that's for sure) but it depends on whether the site template correctly loads all the bootstrap-style icons.

Having solved the problem of the missing RSS icon at the bottom of the page, I'm still trying to figure out how to get RSS feeds for individual categories (see screenshot below)

I'm sure it's something super simple. I have RSS feeds working as shown above on one website, but I can't get RSS feeds to work for individual categories on other sites that I manage.

Is this feature controlled by the forum settings or the category settings?

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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #4 by sozzled
You will never believe how I discovered what was preventing the RSS feed links from displaying next to the forum category names on the Index page!

As you will see, if you look at the screenshot in my previous post, the RSS feed icon appears next to the Welcome Mat and Suggestion Box topics. I have spent the last two days tearing apart half-a-dozen websites to try to figure out why it works on a couple of sites where I'm running K 4.0 and why it doesn't work on a couple of others. I knew the solution had to be a simple one—the sites are all configured fairly similarly—but I really did not know where to look.

Let me recap this topic. There were two problems

1) The first problem concerned a "missing" RSS feed button at the bottom of the forum pages using Crypsis. There was no problem: the RSS feed button was there all the time. This was a problem with my site template and it was resolved with some customised CSS styling.

2) The second problem concerned the missing RSS feed buttons next to the category names on the Index view. This issue was not confined to Crypsis; the same situation occurred using Blue Eagle. The issue had nothing to do with CSS; the RSS feed links were simply not being generated in the underlying HTML.

Now, for those of you who are wondering why, when you install K 4.0.10 for the first time, you will not see these RSS feed links. If anyone is interested, the solution appears below in the following screenshot:

Who would have thought of looking there?
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