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Question Duplicate content on forum. SEO problem.

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #1 by ice99
Hi, everyone.
I've installed Kunena 4.10, and meet following SEO problem.
Below i describe usual structure of Kunena settings.
I have
- ParentCategory (alias i.e. "parentcategory-alias")
--Subforum1 (alias i.e. "subforum1-alias")
--Subforum2 (alias i.e. "subforum2-alias")
--Subforum3 (alias i.e. "subforum3-alias")

Also i have "Kunena Menu", where i must choose alias for "Kunena forum" -> "Main page". i.e. alias - "forum".

The problem IS:
I can access the same pages from different url-s, so i have doubles, that not good for SEO.
For example main page of forum can be accessed via 3 url-s
- site.com/forum.html
- site.com/parentcategory-alias.html
- site.com/forum/parentcategory-alias.html
also pages of subforums - accesible via
- site.com/forum/subforum1-alias.html and
- site.com/parentcategory-alias/subforum1-alias.html

I took brief look at THIS forum.
- www.kunena.org/forum/
- www.kunena.org/forum/index
leads to the "same page for user, but different pages for search crawler"

I readdress it via .htaccess
Redirect 301 /forum/parentcategory-alias.html /forum.html
Redirect 301 /parentcategory-alias.html /forum.html
RewriteRule ^parentcategory-alias/(.+)$ site.com/forum/$1 [R=301,L]

The question is:
Is the internal settings for removing doubles of content? Or maybe some "Proper workflow", that i missed?
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