Kunena 6.0.3 released (22 Sep 2022)

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.0.3 [K 6.0.3] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.2.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.0.2 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.0

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Question When mail is fired

4 years 2 days ago #1 by AnandGIBES001

I have the following queries:

1. Please let me know – how to edit –
a. The message - www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3624444/...d77038954706f3aed033
b. the contents of welcome to kunena - www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3624442/...75aca9bf56db8cd41e98

2. Is it possible to set a particular user as moderator so that only this particular moderator can reply to all the queries and no other user can reply to all the queries.

3. How to change / set a new time zone - www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3624489/...69b6d9e04f91e6653b5b

4. Is it possible that a user can mark the topic as “completed” - once he has completed his query.

5. Is it possible that I as a super user / admin can mark the topic as “completed” once I find out that the user has no more query regarding the same topic.


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4 years 2 days ago #2 by Pinkeltje
Replied by Pinkeltje on topic General Query and How to.
1a and b: delete category and make your own categories
2: set category permissions
3: change time zone for site (global configuration) or (not advised) for specific user
4: when a user cannot reply, he can't mark a topic
5: a moderator can close a topic

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4 years 1 day ago #3 by AnandGIBES001
2. Please refer to the screenshot - www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3625046/...04c54934a6012287917c
I am the super user / admin of my site. I wanted to set only myself as a moderator so that only I can reply to all the queries posted in my forum - can you please specify as to what to select for each of these permissions.

4. For an example - a user posted a query and I replied to it and now the user is satisfied with the reply and has no more query, so now, in this case, can a user mark the topic as "completed " or "close the topic"

5. As you have mentioned that "a moderator can close a topic" - please refer to screenshot - www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/3625070/...13cef67963a23b218de4
I could not find any button / tab to close a topic.


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