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Question Optimizing Kunena database tables

2 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Slacker
I have discovered that, when I try to optimize Kunena database tables with phpMyAdmin it is not possible and I get the advice to create a new table from the old one and then check it with analyze in phpMyAdmin. The reason I want to do this is that I have deleted about 30 % of mine forumposts.

I found this page with suggestions on how to do it:

create table products_bk
select * from products
(naturally the table names are different than above for kunena)

This diminish my kunena_messages table with at least 50 % in size.
I guess after creating a new table I have to change name of both the old and new table.

I have looked for advice about this, but not found any, so I am grateful for input here.
2 months 2 weeks ago #2 by rich
You don't need to optimize the database. If you delete forum posts, it removes also the related rows in the database. But you must delete the messages permanently.
2 months 2 weeks ago #3 by wolfsauge
Why have a gotten a dozen notifications? This is not even my post!
2 months 2 weeks ago #4 by rich
I'm sorry, it was a error at the mail delivery for subscribers. Therefore you also got the mails.
2 months 3 days ago #5 by Slacker
I tried to optimize the kunena_messages table and it shrinked from 120 MB to 50 MB, but it did not work because when I posted I got: Kunena Internal Error: Please contact site administrator to fix this issue! so I had to revert to the original table. Don't try that.
1 month 3 weeks ago #6 by Slacker
I have digged deeper in this. kunena_messages table have an index with 12 keys and when I created the table it lacked index and thus got smaller but unfunctional. So it is no idea to create table because you have to create index, which will take a lot of space and you will gain almost nothing. kunena_messages_text dont have a big index, so it does not shrink in size.
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