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Question The index menu item

3 months 4 days ago #1 by Oscar2
The index menu item was created by Oscar2
Hi all,

I want to point the "Index" (home) button in the Kunena menu to the same url as the forum url. So instead of /forum/index I want index to point to /forum.

I did this before removing the original index menu item, and replacing it with a alias menu item. But now on the latest Kunena, with the blue eagle 1.5.0-RC3-DEV template, it makes my site crash. With debugging it shows I have an error in the menu - that's all I found out.

How can I show a Index button in the menu, that points to /forum (and not /forum/index) ?
3 months 4 days ago #2 by Oscar2
Replied by Oscar2 on topic The index menu item
3 months 1 day ago #3 by rich
Replied by rich on topic The index menu item
Please check your menu items ( see here ).
3 months 1 day ago #4 by Oscar2
Replied by Oscar2 on topic The index menu item
Hi Rich,
The problem is not that I dont get the standard setting up and running. The problem is that I do not wish a forum/index link - I only want /forum.
Before the new template, it worked with a link alias. Now that option runs into errors. So my question is, how can I get a "index" button, that links to /forum - but is shown as active. Right now I set it not as an alias but as an external link (to /forum) which works - but is is shown as inactive button which is confusing.
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