Blue Eagle (1.5.0) for K5.1 is released (20 Jul 2018)

Please update the Kunena Blue Eagle to 1.5.0 if you use Kunena 5.1.
We made several bug fixes and improvements. Also Blue Eagle has now all the features from Crypsis.
Download: www.kunena.org/download/templates/category/blue-eagle-5

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Question Kunena Latest Customization

3 years 1 day ago #1 by kenzo
Hi all!

I'm looking for someone to make me a custom module in question.

For me it is important that the result is as attachment.

Let me know how you get a quote. Thank you.


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3 years 1 day ago #2 by sozzled
Replied by sozzled on topic Kunena Latest Customization
The first part of the problem is to rearrange the list from a vertical to a horizontal display. That part is easy. To change the module's output so that the items run across the page, add the following 4 lines to your custom CSS file :
li.klatest-item {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 30%;

The second part of the problem is to rearrange the output so that post time appears first, followed by subject, author, message text, etc. This requires modifying the Kunena Latest source code. My guess, without committing myself to a formal offer, is that this would probably involve an hour or two to code and test (so we're talking about $100-150). If additional changes are required, we'd be talking about $60 per hour to make those changes.

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3 years 6 hours ago #3 by kenzo
Replied by kenzo on topic Kunena Latest Customization
Thank you very much for your offer.
As soon as I need it I'll let you know.

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