Kunena 5.1.15 Released (27 Oct 2019)

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 5.1.15 [K 5.1.15] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 3.9.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 5.1 and issues discovered during the development stages of K 5.1.

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Question Discuss Plugin: Comments Only - Possible?

7 years 3 days ago #1 by erich199

I love Kunena and am really interested in the discuss plugin.

Is it possible (or a feature in the future) for the discuss plugin to not create a forum topic upon user comments?
As it seems right now, you have to map the discuss bot to a "category" in order for it to generate the content in the forum software to allow comments. This is something that can keep a forum cluttered - especially if you are injesting RSS feeds and hundreds of articles are getting put into your forum.

I would love to have it as a "comment only" feature - and using it in conjunction with Kunena is just smart sense.

Thanks in advance for your work and reply!


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7 years 3 days ago - 7 years 3 days ago #2 by sozzled
G'day, Erich, and welcome to the forum.

I do not think this is possible. The whole purpose if the Kunena Discuss plugin is to allow your users to make comments about the Joomla articles that you write and to feed those comments into the Kunena forum component. That is what the Kunena Discuss plugin was designed to do. There are other Joomla extensions that allow your users to comment on the Joomla articles that you write. You can search the JED to find something else, instead, that will do what you want, if you do not want comments to feed into the forum.

I hope this helps.
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7 years 3 days ago #3 by erich199
Thanks for the reply.

Well perhaps in the future a commenting system will evolve. I will still use the discuss bot for a few articles and search for a comment system as you suggested.


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