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Question Global moderator problem

9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #1 by mindriot
Hi folks, hoping someone can assist.

We have an area of the forum that is strictly limited to administrator and super administrator kuena levels, posting and reply permissions are also only selected correspondingly..

We have just appointed a global moderator in kunena, is moderator = yes and selected as global moderator in the category tree, joomla permission level = manager.

No matter how I set permissions, the global moderator continues to be able to see, and post in the area supposedly limited in visibility to administrators and super administrators.

Double checked all permissions etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Legacy mode: Disabled | Joomla! SEF: Enabled | Joomla! SEF rewrite: Enabled | FTP layer: Disabled |

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htaccess: Exists | PHP environment: Max execution time: 1000 seconds | Max execution memory: 96M | Max file upload: 32M

Kunena menu details:

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Joomla default template details : gk_gamebox | author: GavickPro | version: 2.7 | creationdate: 24 Feb 2012

Kunena default template details : SD-Aphotic 2.0 | author: SnilloC Designs | version: 2.0 | creationdate: 2012-06-28

Kunena version detailed: Kunena 2.0.3 | 2012-11-24 [ Reconciliation ]
| Kunena detailed configuration:

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| Kunena integration settings:
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| Joomla! detailed language files installed:
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Third-party components: Jomsocial 2.6.0

Third-party SEF components: sh404sef

Plugins: Search - Kunena Search 2.0.2 | JomSocial - My Kunena Forum Menu 2.0.2 | JomSocial - My Kunena Forum Posts 2.0.2

Modules: None

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9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #2 by sozzled
As a suggestion, have a look at Simple forum setup instructions which sets out some basic information about how to choose appropriate category permissions so that people whom you do not want to be able to access certain categories will not be able to do this.

There is one possible difficulty involving global moderators that I have not personally checked out. Perhaps someone else may correct me if the information I am about to give you is incorrect.

As we all know, global moderators have additional forum privileges to other users. For example, they can post in locked categories and split/merge or move topics from one category to another. As far as I know, global moderators can only do these things for those categories that they have access to. In other words, consider the possible scenario:

Category A: Global moderators can view all topics in it.
Category B: Global moderators cannot view any topics in it.

What if a global moderator posts a message in "A" and then tries to move the topic to "B"? As far as I know, the global moderator should not even see "B" displayed on the list of possible categories that they can choose from.

Thus we need to return to main issue:

mindriot wrote

Double checked all permissions etc.

The whole issue comes down to this. What are the actual category permissions that you are using on the category from which you want to deny your global moderator(s) access? A screenshot of the Permissions tab for that category will help answer this question.

Other factors, not to be eliminated, are the interaction of sh404SEF, the third-party Kunena template that you are using or caching latency/delay factors. I doubt that these are involved but they still should be considered in the overall context of the problem. Perhaps the global moderator has been added to an ACL group that has similar access rights as your administrators. These, too, are things that you may want to check again.

The best way to investigate the matter is to start with the Kunena Category Manager and let's see the what your category permission settings reveal. ;)
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9 years 9 months ago #3 by Matias
It is not so much on what global moderators can do and what they cannot do, it's how they are defined.

Global moderator acts just like Kunena administrator -- except that global moderators do not have rights to do any backend actions.

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