Kunena 6.0.8 Released (17 Jan 2023)

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.0.8 [K 6.0.8] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.2.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.0 and issues discovered during the development stages of K 6.0.

This category contains miscellaneous, uncategorised third-party extensions (e.g. JomSocial, Community Builder, etc.) relating to older versions of Kunena that are no longer supported.

This category may also contain a few topics relating to K 1.6 that may have been moved here possibly by mistake.

The topics in this category are for historical interest only. Owing to the structural differences between K 1.6 and K 1.7, the ideas in these topics may not work with later versions and, for that reason, the topics are locked.

Question Kunena in JomSocial Groups

13 years 8 months ago #1 by amaier161

as the group functionality of jomsocial 1.2 is still not the best, it would be more than helpfull to have the planed integration of the kunena forum as soon as possible.

i do not not what the bottleneck is: other priorities, man power or weak support from azrul. but if priorities or man power is the point i would make a suggestion: what about, if the users of jomsocial would pay a small amount if you realize the integration till end of june/july?

you could start to collect the money right now and if you get X dollars till end of may you start with the project asap.

i'm pretty sure, that there will be a lot of people which would pay.

what do you think?


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13 years 8 months ago #2 by fxstein
This is clearly on our list.

However Joomla 1.5 native stable version has to come first. We are closing our bugs on it as fast as we can, so we can move on to new functionality. Much deeper integration with CB and jomSocial are well under way and will be coming our shortly.

In general we want to enable all components out there to embed Kunena threads, forums and discussions into their applications. Whether it is a single thread or a whole private forum like it would be used for groups.

We are still working on figuring out how and if we will accept donations from the community. It brings a long list of legal implications with it, that we are not yet ready to tackle.

Thanks for your suggestion. Please make sure you idea is reflected on our user voice feature voting page (See home page).

We love stars on the Joomla Extension Directory . :-)

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13 years 8 months ago #3 by Matias
Actually much of the work for better integration has already been done for Kunena. So you can expect better JomSocial integration soon (June-July).

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13 years 8 months ago #4 by amaier161
great to hear. would be great if this implicates the group issue.

thanks to the whole team, alex

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13 years 6 months ago #5 by greg
Replied by greg on topic Re:Kunena in JomSocial Groups
New forum member here I have a jomsocial site with a ccboard forum. I am not code savy but seek to learn the best direction to move and hire a tec with hack abilities. my site


email me for a subscribed account access to view groups [email protected] I will set up a screen name and password : kunena after this post.

I need a more robust groups discussion feature. many members of our groups (which are geographic related States in USA) request a text editor and email announcements for posts. My site is confused with a forum package and groups area much like this website has. I notice that in this site the groups also prove minimal traffic and the forums get great activity.

I am concerned about unconnected threads and even see that the jomsocial group admin on this site refers to this thread via posting a url that needs to be cut and pasted by the member. that much appreciated attention is what directed me to this thread. It was my hope that jomsocial would have been a good tool for group forum/discussions and group leader bulletins/blogs. I think now the groups are much like they are hear and not a good tool to attract and facilitate involvement.

My site also has a national forum that I had installed at the last min prior to publish in May 09. we used a simple forum package called ccboard which functions well but is not as sophisticated as this product seems.

my question:

since I want a group culture could I somehow replace each group discussion function with a Kunena catagory ?
is there away for group members to be automatically subscribed to the assigned catagory?
what does the subscribed email contain. is it only an announcement to check the thread or is it the contents of the post like Yahoo groups?
would there be another way to make a group page that contained a group leader blog as the bulletin and a Kunena catagory as the discussion forum?
Gregory O'Connor

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13 years 4 months ago #6 by trodebac28
Dear colleagues,

We've just released a Joomla component to replace JomSocial Group discussions with the Kunena Forum solution. It's called JS G-KUNENA and you can find it here:


I'm writing you this message because I believe you may be interested in it.

JS G-KUNENA already works with JS v1.2 and Kunena v1.5. Using this component you can assign a Kunena Forum category to each JomSocial Group, improving your online community user experience and making it easier to manage the user participation. It's also highly customizable.

If your need any further information or advice, you can contact us in joomlaextensions.latitudweb.com


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13 years 4 months ago #7 by greg
Replied by greg on topic Re:Kunena in JomSocial Groups
I installed the JS G-Kunena and am glad I did. Thank you for this forums and allowing me to meet up with such a wonderful developer as Cesar of JS G-Kunena. I understand the benefit of opensource and free but also respect the minimal share charge many of these commercial developments require. I hope this opensource subjective forum allows for better development of this hybrid Kunena/Jomsocial component. Learning abou the existance of opensource,Joomla, Kunena, etc


I wanted this feature and asked for it on all the freelance boards and in Kunena. I had bids and contracted for unsuessful development. Then I found JS G-Kunena . Oh my god this is the ticket. I am as excited about this as when I first found JomSocial in May of 09. I dig swimming pools for a living in California USA and am realistic with my webmaster ability so I asked the developer to install it for me on my dev.site first. He skype talked me off the ledge and now I am a pro.

I have a subscription camping club (Rainbowrv.com) with regional JS groups. California, NewJersey ,Ohio........ I installed Kunena then set up a catagory for regional groups. within that category I made a forum for each JomSocial group (enable the kunena forum) . in the back end of JS G-Kunena Component you assign each JS -group to a Kunena-Forum. then make a post from with in the group. I asked him to see if he could make the group members subscribed to the forum by default and he added this feature a day later with an upgrade. there is now a toggle for this in the backend.

I hope this makes my groups more active. There is more reason to join a group and now if I can find how to turn on group photos, there would be one other reason. I was thinking of having the developer replace group anouncements with a Azrul blog that the group creator has control of but want to wait while we learn member reaction to this. (can you tell I am excited) I enabled a Kunena mod "Latest Forum Post" on the front page/registered. when you sign into the site as a member you can then see the latest post. The Kunena forum front end page repeats the independent groups discussions and there is two was for members to get involved in activities/discussions/threads. I was against sending total email of a post and only wanted to send an announcement (which is an option in Kunena) but now see that member click the link at the email anyway.

My site has 800 members and requires a subscription to get into members areas, the larges of 18 groups has 60somthin members and little activity. If you are truly interested I can let you see the new JS G-Kunena hybrid tool with a limited screen name and password (don't worry there is no orientation requirement, just polite respect) my email is [email protected] the site is http://www. Rainbowrv.com and the link to the new application is

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