Kunena 6.3.2 released

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.3.2 [K 6.3.2] in stable which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.4.x/5.0.x/5.1.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.2 / K 6.3 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.3
Note: Please go to the Kunena Dashboard after an upgrade so that the Kunena database tables are also updated.

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Important Incorrect Captcha errors

12 years 3 months ago #1 by dbrat
When visitors try to leave a comment at the end of an article, they are getting an error that says "Incorrect Captcha" (see attached image)

I tracked it down to a setting in the main Kunena Configuration. Under the Security Tab, if I set "CAPTCHA Challenge for Users" to 0, then there is no "captcha error." If I set it to 10 and the user has not entered 10 messages, the captcha error shows up.

There is no captcha showing up next to the comment form at the end of an article, so not sure what to do about this.

Any suggestions?

See here

[KunenaDiscuss debug: Constructor called in com_content ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: onPrepareContent.Allow: Category 25 is in the category map using Kunena category 2 ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: onPrepareContent: we are in article/ page. ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: onPrepareContent: Article 1051 ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: onPrepareContent: Custom Topics disabled ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: showPlugin: Topic 651 exists in the forum ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: showPlugin: Displaying form ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: showTopic: Rendering discussion ]
[KunenaDiscuss debug: onAfterDisplayContent: Returning content for article 1051 ]


[KunenaDiscuss debug: showForm: Rendering form ]

This message contains confidential information

Database collation check: The collation of your table fields are correct

Legacy mode: Disabled | Joomla! SEF: Enabled | Joomla! SEF rewrite: Enabled | FTP layer: Disabled |

This message contains confidential information
htaccess: Exists | PHP environment: Max execution time: 30 seconds | Max execution memory: 32M | Max file upload: 8M

Kunena menu details:
Warning: Spoiler!

Joomla default template details : yoo_shelf | author: YOOtheme | version: 1.0.6 | creationdate: January 2012

Kunena default template details : Blue Eagle (default) | author: Kunena Team | version: 1.7.2 | creationdate: 2012-01-31

Kunena version detailled: Installed version: 1.7.2 | Build: 5215 | Version name: Omega | Kunena detailled configuration:

Warning: Spoiler!

Third-party components: None

Third-party SEF components: None

Plugins: System - Mootools Upgrade: Disabled | System - Mootools12: Disabled | Kunena Discuss 1.7.2

Modules: None


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12 years 3 months ago - 12 years 3 months ago #2 by sozzled
G'day, dbrat, and welcome to Kunena.

I don't think that this is a Kunena Discuss issue, specifically, but I would like to know whether you've experienced this problem before? The main issue that I want to eliminate is whether this is a problem caused with J! 2.5.4 (which, as we all know, was only released a few hours ago) and it's possible that the problem was caused with that version of Joomla.

Speaking generally, I've not seen your kind problem reported here before. I suggest that you read K 1.7.1: How to setup CAPTCHA for registered users . Your configuration report shows that you have enabled CAPTCHA for the first 300 messages that your users post; that's the only clue that I have. Maybe your users did not enter the correct CAPTCHA information? That might explain the error message (? :unsure: )

You might also like to review the topic [Merged topic] How do I restore my Kunena menu?
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12 years 3 months ago #3 by dbrat
Replied by dbrat on topic Re: Incorrect Captcha errors
Thanks for the reply.

It's definitely some sort of issue that I think you may see appear some time in the future. I think you may not have heard about it because it's only visible to new users & new users may not report it. I estimate it's been happening since the previous update 2.5.3-ish. We stopped getting comments, but no one reported it to me. Finally someone did, but I couldn't figure out what they were talking about & couldn't get more info from them (most people won't put much effort into debugging my site). I couldn't reproduce it, so ignored it for a few more weeks...

If you have a website that allows comments after articles, test it out...
1. Make sure Kunena config is set to show reCaptcha for at least a users' first 3 posts
2. Register as a brand new account & login with it.
3. Try to post a comment (not a forum post).

That's how I can repeat the error every time. To correct it, I simply change the Kunena config from 3 to 0 (or in my case, 300 to 0 - I was using a big # to test on my login credentials & I've posted hundreds already).

To fix it, I just decided to turn off Kunena captcha & enable user registration captcha.

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12 years 3 months ago #4 by sozzled
I would still recommend that you read Using CAPTCHA spam protection in Kunena in the Wiki and implement according to the recommendations made in that article. Make sure that you have a valid reCAPTCHA key.

For our security, we do not register ourselves at other people's websites. If you have a test account, that's a different matter.

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