Kunena 5.0.14 Released (Security Release) (14 Mar 2018)

The Kunena team has announce Kunena 5.0.14 [K 5.0.14]. This is a security update.

Please read the blog post for information.
See Blog: www.kunena.org/blog/191-kunena-5-0-14-released

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Question problem with easysocial plugin url / pagination

1 month 3 days ago #1 by xreliable
xreliable created the topic: problem with easysocial plugin url / pagination
When a post/reply is made in the EasySocial stream this is displayed with a "View Reply" and "View Thread"

When a user wants to click through to the Reply, the URL for "View Reply" is being formatted as:


The "12567" before the ".html" and appended to the end represent the "Real Post ID" (kunena administrator language)

This will actually take the user to that reply BUT this causes problems with the pagination. If for example you have a forum with 10 posts per page and say you click on page 3 of the pagination the URL would be:


However that URL is based upon this improperly formatted version that was created via the EasySocial stream, and won't actually take you to page two of the pagination. From the actual kunena navigation should be:


This is on Kunena 5.0.13 using Blue Eagle5, Joomla 3.8.5, php 7.0.27

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