Kunena 6.2.2 Released with module Latest 6.0.5, module Kunena Stats 6.0.5, Kunena Discuss 6.0.5 and Kunena Search module 6.0.5

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.2.2 [K 6.2.2] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.1 / K 6.2 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.2

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Loved How to Access Forum Posts Content outside of your Forum

11 years 10 months ago - 11 years 10 months ago #1 by kbkounyea
Love Kunena, looking to see how resilient the data access to content is, in "disaster" circumstances.
This is important to determine in which environments the forum is the right communication to use.

***Let's say your forum is not working because your site is down.***
But you have access to your Joomla and Kunena files on the web server.
***You want to access the content of the forum posts***
How do you achieve that?
Is there more than one way?
Any "offline" kind of forum reader/parser?
If reading the posts content can be done only through a mySql query,
__which databases contain the forum posts content?
__please give a generic query code?
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11 years 10 months ago #2 by sozzled
I don't understand the problem. Kunena needs Joomla to run. If your site is down (if your Joomla site is offline "for maintenance") your users cannot access anything on the site. Therefore Kunena won't work either. If your forum is offline for maintenance, then there is no "offline forum" function available, either.

If you have a disaster that takes your site offline that's unfortunate. It depends, though, on what that disaster is. If, for example, the database is corrupted then having an offline forum function won't make any difference.

As a suggestion, if you want some kind of fault-tolerant system so that the forum is always accessible, you could create a mirror site where that has the data synchronised at regular intervals and, in the event that the main site goes offline, people can use the mirror site. That's an idea you can explore yourself. You could also ask about creating a mirror site on the Joomla forum.

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