The Kunena team is thrilled to announce the first public beta release of Kunena 6.2, a native Joomla extension for Joomla 4.x. This is a development release and should be only be used for testing; this version is not recommended for live websites at this stage.

The purpose of this release is to encourage testing by downloading, installing and identifying any problems or shortcomings that people may discover. K 6.2.0 B1 aren't totally stable and we are aware that people will discover defects. We encourage you to use the forum to report defects, as soon as they are discovered, so that the development team can work through the problems before the release of K 6.2 as a stable product. Reporting defects does not mean that the problems can or will be fixed. The Kunena team is looking forward to hearing your feedback on how well we have achieved our design goals.

Kunena 6.2 has been designed to work on Joomla! 4.3 and later (for testing purpose it can be installed on Joomla! 4.4 beta and Joomla! 5.0 beta), the requirements are the followings :
  • Php 7.4.1 to Php 8.2.x (the support of php 8.2.x has been be improved, there aren't anymore deprecated message)
  • MySQL 5.7.30
  • Bootstrap 5.1

The work done in Kunena 6.2 is the following:

  • The support of php 8.2.x has been be improved, there aren't anymore deprecated message)
  • Store the data about notifications into the database to be send later by CRON task
  • Notify banned user by email
  • New setting in Kunena configuration to set the date format of your choice to be used by datepicker
  • Differenciate check on Kunena install between mysql and mariadb
  • Allow to modify to different karma users in time allowed


Download K6.2.0 Beta1 here:

This means that the Kunena 6.1 series is approching the end of life and will be discountinued, with the future release of K6.2 in stable there won't be new versions of K6.1 after that.


Any donations are needed for future support.

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xillibit replied the topic:
10 months 4 days ago
xillibit's Avatar

Yes you are right there was a typo, it's fixed now
Leen replied the topic:
10 months 4 days ago
Leen's Avatar
Are you sure this is correct?
When I use it I get this exact message
Downgrading from version to version 6.1.0-BETA2 is not allowed.
is the download link correct? it seems he is referring to the github 6.1.beta