The Kunena team is thrilled to announce the final release of Kunena 5.2.7, a native Joomla extension for Joomla 3.9. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 5.2 and issues discovered during the last development stages.

You need Joomla 3.10 to run Kunena 5.2.7 (still works on J! 3.9), the minimal requirement for Php has been increased to 7.0.4. Kunena 5.2.7 can runs too with Php 8.0.

For users of template Blue eagle5, please update to release of Blue eagle5 v1.6.6 or more recent before updating Kunena to 5.2.7. This template isn't designed to works with Bootstrap 4 and 5, please stay with default Boostrap version from Joomla!.

What's different?

Upgrading to K 5.2.7 involves changes that may affect Kunena's interoperability with other extensions installed on your site. For this reason it is advisable that you first test K 5.2 on a test site before you upgrade your live production site(s). At this stage the team is not treating interoperability with other Joomla extensions as the topmost priority. The main priority at this time is about installation/upgrade and operability as a standalone Joomla component.

Main changes in K5.2.7 :


  • #8600: Crypsisb4 want to load bootstrap 2 instead of svg
  • Missing language string for BS4 setting in CrypsisB4 template
  • Crypsisb4 : in quick reply with modal and always visible options anonymous box and subscribed are in the same place
  • Crypsisb4 : in quick reply the anonymous box and subscribed are in the same place
  • Crypsisb3 and Crypsisb4 : Revert changes about anonymous checkbox
  • Revert changes about anonymous checkbox and hide sensitive informative (Part 2)
  • Revert changes about anonymous checkbox and hide sensitive informative
  • CrypsisB4 : use B4 styling for tabs write and preview when use bbcode editor
  • When enable anonymous and post as guest users logued see the anonymous box
  • CrypsisB4 : when use default setting for quick reply, nothing open when click on button quick reply
  • Typo in url to get user profile link
  • CrypsisB4 : when click on delete all attachments it displays a javascript error
  • CKEDITOR instance is not defined in edit.js file when using bbcode editor
  • #8058: Crypsisb4,Crypsisb3: Change of the category switches to legacy symbols #8058
  • Display checkbox for hide sensitive information and name for anynomous even if user is logged
  • #8582: QR and go to editor - Text is not transferred to the editor #8582
  • #8243: Quick Reply and go to editor - missing in crypsisb3 and crypsisb4 #8243
  • #8243: Quick Reply and go to editor - it only keeps the content if you use the button at the last message on each side #8243
  • Forgot to change the files when set Joomla! minimum version to 3.10.3
  • Error in javascript console about CKeditor missing plugin file because it try to load it
  • #8297: Quotes show only first names, not full name #8297
  • #8575: For each link it adds int(0) int(1) at the beginning of the message #8575
  • #8389: [CKEditor] Line break shows the html code in the message #8389
  • Search user avatar, the query to the user list return some null result for "photo" item
  • #8292: When bbcode tags aren't terminated you have some warning
  • Update minimum version for Joomla! to 3.10.3
  • Update CKeditor to 4.17.1
  • Update CKeditor to 4.16.2
  • Update minimum version for Joomla! 3.10.0 and set as preferred
  • Update minimum version for Joomla! 3.10 to RC1
  • Update fontawesome to 5.15.4

See full changelog here:


Download K5.2.7 here:


Any donations are needed for future support.

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