The Kunena team wishes to advise that Kunena 4.0.6 [K 4.0.6] is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 2.5.28 and J! 3.4.x. This version is a maintaince release, This Version has fixed 24 issues since the last release. Because of new languages added, when updating languages packages, make sure you have set more then 5M set on the php.ini post_max_size = 5M

The summary of important changes in K 4.0.6 are:

  • new feature (hmvc templates): Improve TopicIcons. (Setting: edit template) You have now the possibility to use Default icons, Bootstrap 2/3 and Fontawesome icons
  • Crypsis : Moderate - It lacks the checkbox on "Move selected message and all xx messages posted after it" #3358
  • Crypsis B3 - poll options are missing.. #3357
  • Crypsis: unordered and ordered list not working as expected #3372
  • Crypsis : Several tooltips missing in the editor #3373
  • Warning: imagecolorsforindex(): Color index 255 out of range #3376
  • Blue Eagle: Remove profile class on edit profile button. #3377
  • Crypsis B3 - icons missing #3381
  • Fix error on default.js #3386
  • Crypsis: Seo improvement #3388
  • Crypsis : Wrong code tags #3389
  • Crypsis B3 - Editor Preview #3393
  • Moderators get a error in the email when setting = E-mail Moderators: All New Posts #3403
  • Fix select icon on changing category #3408
  • Crypsisb3: Allow update #3410
  • Language: New standard joomla and remove duplicated strings #3413
  • kcodetype typos #3416
  • Crypsis : It lacks the topic title at the first messages #3433
  • Template Manager : You can't install templates #3165
  • Wrong path for attachments image in backend files manager #3447
  • Article image (KunenaDiscuss) to large on forum #3453
  • Blue eagle: Fix css issues #3454
  • Need to pass files as raw to be avoid to be filtered and cause null #3455

The Kunena 4.0.6 release notes are essential reading before installing K 4.0.6 for the first time or if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Kunena.

Upgrading to K 4.0 involves changes that may affect Kunena's interoperability with other extensions installed on your site. For this reason it is advisable that you first test K 4.0.6 on a test site before you upgrade your live production site(s).

For users who are familiar with older versions of Kunena, an overview of some of key differences is given in Kunena Features in the Wiki.

Other details

Find the full online README: Here.

K 4.0.6 is available for download on the download page.

Other plans

K 3.0 is no longer an active project and support for K 3.X has ended on 31 August 2015.

The Kunena team is focusing all efforts in connection with K 5.0 which is expected to occur later this year but probably not before October. You can read more about the design objectives for K 5.0 in the article What is Kunena?

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sulpher's Avatar
sulpher replied the topic: #1 5 years 3 months ago
That's nice new version of Kunena is on its way.
I'd like to request about removing Mootools library usage in WYSIWYG editor. Please consider this fix to get rid of the heavy Mootools.
ruud's Avatar
ruud replied the topic: #2 5 years 3 months ago
Very pleased with the continued support and releases! Keep up the good work.
Thanks for all the time you are putting into making this the best forum component for Joomla!