This is a place to see our Kunena modules and plugins in action.

Kunena Login Module

This module - show in the top left position of this page allows you to provide a customized login module experience that leverages, avatar and forum integration.

You can redirect your users after login or logout to a page of your choice. The module displays some of the most common links into the forum and once loggin in, allows you to display the avatar of the user together with some basic information.


Here is a screenshot of the admin backend for the Kunena Login module:

Kunena Login Module Admin Screen
It allows you to customize the Kunena login module to your specific needs.


Kunena Latest Module

Showing you just a handful of over 7500 display combinations that can be styled and sized in various ways to fit your needs.

Select between several different display modes like Latest Discussions, Latest Messages, No Replies, Subscriptions, ... and the module will display different portions of your forum. You can combine multiple different modes on a single page to create a customized experience to your users. You can show them their own topics, favorites and other information on pages of your site - outside of Kunena itself.

Limit the amount of data shown, select between Avatar and Topic Icon display or hide the graphics altogether. Choose what portions of the lists to display including Category, Author and Date/Time information.

Best of all the module will follow your Kunena settings. Things like name format, date/time format are inherited from Kunena, so there is no need to reconfigure the module redundantly.

The sample you see on this page all get their data from our live Kunena forum. Some positions will only show you entries if you are logged in and have posted to the forums yourself - as your Own Topics list and Subscriptions will be empty unless you are a member and have posted and subscribed.

Here is a screenshot of the admin backend for the Kunena Latest module:

Kunena Latest Module Admin

Settings can be set by Module instance in Joomla 1.5 allowing you to display multiple modules on a single page - like here on this showcase page.

Through the Menu Assignment and Access Levels you can control where and when to display them on your site.


Kunena Statistics Module

We are also working on a brand new statistics module that should soon be available. You can choose between summary stats of your forum - similar to the stats displayed at the bottom of the forum - or various top modes: e.g. Top Profiles (Views), Top Posters, Top Threads (Views), Top Thanks and Top Voted.

As with out other modules you can display multiple module son a single page to show different information in different Joomla module positions.

The configuration is very simple and allows you to limit the number of 'Top' entries to be displayed as well as to limit the length of username and topic subject to allow you to create very small views that fit into tight spaces.


Here is a screenshot of the admin backend for the Kunena Statistics module:

Kunena Statistics module admin screen



More to come... Please check back soon!