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07 May 2021 04:14
ckeditor.js was created by IamtheITman7


Category: General questions and how-tos

Anyone figure out any hacks or fix for when the ckeditor.js does not play nice with your current template other than changing the template style of the menu item and/or removing the ckeditor.js file which sucks because it removes all the bells and whistles of the editor.

Yes I'm on the latest .php, Joomla install and Kunea version. It's literally a fresh install. Thanks all 
28 Jan 2021 09:09

After quoting a message, the cursor is default located inside the quote

Category: K 5.2 Support

Hello All,
thanks for your feedback. I'm "happy"  not to be the only one with this problem. It could be the more people claims, quicker a solution could come. Hopefully.....
I found another thing related to quoting.
Not sure if I can report in the same topic or in a different one. I'll try here.

With the old version of Editor, I/my Users could just copy/paste the quote and attach it to another topic. It was quite usual and useful. The attach was always highlighted by the blue vertical line on the left and it was 1000% it was a copied quote, like this:

Now, it is no more possible. Let me explain.
If I just copy-paste the text of quote (easiest operation for a "normal" user):
we now have:
It is not clear anymore, I cannot recognize it as a quote and there is the risk to write in it or something, making the discussion a mess.
I have tried to push the little button "quote" that appears in the bottom-left:
and then copy-paste but the result is even worst. I lose all text:
Finally, for having the same result as it was with the previous Editor i had to:
push "Source"
copy the whole text
paste it in the other topic
the I got it!!

I think it is pretty clear this is not userf-riendly and quick as required.
At the moment, quoting a message is a confusing action.

Please, support with a solution or fix version

Thanks to All

P.S. not having a preview tab for such a long message with such many images inside sucks the same and more!! other complaining topic....sorry
09 Jun 2018 16:16
Replied by kevinmo on topic Image Embed

Image Embed

Category: General questions and how-tos

Ryan gave me a a plugin that supports bbcode for JCE. Honestly I dont need support for bbcode and I think the idea that it is a must to be an editor in this forum extension is overzealous and bossy! The only editor available for Kunena is limited, underwhelming and basically useless for use on forums like I build. So I dont suppose since JCE in fact DOES support bbcode it is still not going to be made an option is it?

Thing is your editor sucks, sorry for being blunt but the image attachment is weak, I cant import images because it dont work and likewise support in the forum must be broke to because I cant get anyone to help me figure out why! Guess I will see what other forums are available, sucks because I like Kunena, or rather I used to!
28 Jun 2012 11:23 - 28 Jun 2012 11:51

Quick Reply dont WORK

Category: K 2.0 General Questions

Hi, my english sucks, but... I upgrade my kunena 1.7 to 2.0 and... really this is bad... My kunena worked very nice, but since the upgrade, have a problem, cant Do QUICK REPLY, please, helpme... , and the translation to spanish sucks.... Have many words in ENGLISH yet..... please, helpme. with my problem (bug)

note, my chrome editor html, say this error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'setStyle', here
22 Mar 2012 15:43

[SOLVED] Duplicate Template

Category: K 1.6 and K 1.7 miscellaneous user contributions archive

It was a fake problem....

The problem is that i edited the XML file with the OSE File Manager editor that really sucks..and it did something wrong. Editing locally the file with a text editor and uploading the file make all things working correctly.
13 Oct 2011 23:30

Did you just rename everything?

Category: K 1.7 Installation and Upgrade

You mentioned you have a payment model available for support and when you change your support model to paid support like it seems many involved with Joomla! have already done - I will definitely be a subscriber.

The only reason I would subscribe is because you normally have a very good product - NORMALLY.

I just discovered a bug in Kunena 1.7.0 with Joomla! 1.7.1: it throws a 500 Error if you are subscribed to a category, select in the admin panel to auto tick the subscribe to this topic and then reply to a topic with that box ticked. BANG! 500 Internal Server Error. But it still posts the reply.

But back on topic. The truth is, most of the products I have subscribed to really suck badly and most are from India. The only exception that comes to mind is my subscription to JCE Editor. That is a very good editor with some really good modules and plugins.

I spent over $200 for Jomwall and it just sucked on all levels - Especially for support. They are lucky I am not in India.

I spent nearly $70 for Jbolo and it sucks really bad too. I called India to get help with it in fact. It seems to be written by some kid that lives with his parents. His mom said, "He is in his bedroom sleeping, I will get him." Dogs were barking in the background, his mom was screaming in her native language and all I could think was "Good Grief What Have I Done."

I would like to see the GPL changed to read - if you offer GNU GPL software you can only charge for support - not the software. Otherwise you are held hostage and people spend money on a scam. You never get good support, you will never get your money back and no one cares.

In most cases we are paying top dollar for a couple pages of dysfunctional code. Kunena is a rarity because it is such a large and intricate package. Unfortunately as soon as you put a price tag on it everyone will jump ship and move to PhpBB or some other free package.For the record I think your product is superior to even Vbulletin (Which costs a pile of cash and sucks on the Admin side).

I would like to be involved in your 2.0 Beta and will be more than happy to lend any resources at my disposal to assist with testing.
13 Feb 2011 05:32

First impression/questions/bugs

Category: K 1.6 and K 1.7 Common Questions Archive

I managed to solve some stuff.

These I still needs help with though:

If I creat a thread called "hey" and someone replys to it there will be two links pointing to the same thread:
/forum/section/62-hey.html and /forum/section/62-re-hey.html. This must be a bug.. or?

I see this on lots of other boards.. Even this one so I guess its supposed to be like this??.. but why? Doesnt google etc dislike multiple different links that point to the exact same content?

Are there any plugin/extension that gives the users more settings? Users wants to change more things for themselfs ie: Number
of messages shown / page + more stuff..

Tried to search this forum but didnt find anything

If I press "quick reply" and starts to write a reply.. But then needs to add urls or whatever and wants to go to the "big editor" and just hits "Reply" instead.. ALL text I have written is gone.. very annoying.. the text should be copied into the new editor!

This really sucks.. I have already users complaining about this. In other forums (vBulletin) you can change from "quick-edit" to "full editor" without loosing what you already typed.

Thanks in advance!
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