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24 Jun 2009 12:22
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Changing name when posting

Changing name when posting

Category: K 1.5 Common Questions Archive

PegCity wrote:

Is there any easy way to change your name when posting that doesn't link to the cb profile?

I'm not too sure if that's the right question. You see, Community Builder doesn't use any different usernames than the Joomla usernames ... and neither does Kunena.

Let's start with some basics: the Joomla user tables define who are your site's registered members. CB provides some "extras", for example you can add users via the CB user registration form and you can login using the CB login module. But the basic data, from which the CB user tables are built, is generated from the Joomla user database ... and CB keeps the information "in synch".

Kunena doesn't have a user registration system, nor does it have a login module. There is a Kunena user table that holds some information about the forum users, but this is generated from the Joomla user database.

So, at the heart of the problem is the Joomla user database. If you use Kunena to change the users' names or usernames - I didn't know you could do that, but supposing you can - I would imagine that you'd update the Joomla user database. Because CB gets its information from the Joomla user database, you'll find those changes would propagate there. In other words, you can't affect one with affecting the other(s). It's really a circular argument. :S
17 Jun 2009 04:04
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:This user has not yet confirmed his email address and account!

This user has not yet confirmed his email address and account!

Category: K 1.0 Support Archive

I think this is a question that's best answered by the people at Joomlapolis . Kunena is agnostic about what systems you use for user login and registration.
05 Jun 2009 04:46
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:need to change the registration link

need to change the registration link

Category: K 1.0 Support Archive

I spent 2 hours testing this problem for you, azraf. With Kunena 1.0.10 and Community Builder 1.2.1, if you have set Kunena Configuration » Integration » Profile Settings » Profile = Community Builder, the Login, Register and Lost Password links will point to Community Builder's login, user registration and lost password functions. The first place to check is that you've made the Kunena configuration setting correctly.

I don't understand the need to make customised changes to the profilebox plugin source code - the hooks are already in place in K 1.0.10 - as long as you have installed and correctly setup CB 1.2.1. Have you done that?
31 May 2009 05:58 - 31 May 2009 06:37
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Stats - latest member it says is not correct

Stats - latest member it says is not correct

Category: K 1.0 Support Archive

G'day, peetree: As far as the first problem is concerned, I think that Kunena probably has it right. The latest member is the latest registered user who has activated their membership - not the latest user registration. But this doesn't explain why, in your case, your "latest user" is someone who who registered 500 registrations ago! :blink: Seems to me that there's something a bit odd with your SQL database.

With respect to the second matter - the inconsisent count - this problem has niggled me for a while, too. It's not just a discrepancy between how Kunena counts the number of users, (or how Community Builder counts the number of users) it's you define "the number of users".

I think you've correctly concluded that Kunena counts all user registrations, including inactive ones. The question for Kunena forum managers is "Is that the right approach?"

In the case of Community Builder, the count matches the number of actively registered users. In the case of Kunena, however, the count doesn't match and, I think, this is the point that peetree is trying to make. Although the Kunena userlist only displays records of actively registered users, there's a discrepancy in the total.

On a test site, I created a test user (but did not activate it): See the following image:

I think the "problem" can be fixed fairly easily. Matias hinted at it in the earlier discussion. I'll investigate further and report later.
21 May 2009 06:10 - 21 May 2009 06:16
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:user registration problem

user registration problem

Category: K 1.0 Support Archive

Thanks for your reply, simo. I mistook your earlier message

i can see him in kunena administration

to mean that you could see the records in the Joomla user list. I now understand, from your response, the "administration" function you referred to does mean User Administration in Kunena, not the one in Joomla, at the backend?

my problem is that users appear in kunena list (11 users) but in joomla user list i can see only 9

The plot thickens! :ohmy:

This is very similar to Cannot remove users in Kunena .

The fact that you cannot register a user with certain credentials indicates that there's a record in the Joomla user table somewhere that's preventing this from happening. The fact that you cannot view this record using standard Joomla tools only makes this more difficult to diagnose and treat. That is why you need a tool for digging into the MySQL data structures themselves and rooting out the cause.

It's possible that there's a data integrity problem with your Kunena user table, too, but (as I mentioned earlier) this should have no impact on user registration because user registration isn't handled by Kunena. I still go with my first gut feeling: there's a data/index corruption within the Joomla user table that's propagated its way into the Kunena user table.

You don't actually require phpmyadmin to do what's needed; the software just makes it easier to construct the SQL queries, that's all. If you know SQL really well you can write the REPAIR TABLE query yourself.
21 May 2009 05:16 - 21 May 2009 05:18
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:user registration problem

user registration problem

Category: K 1.0 Support Archive

G'day, simo

It does sound like you've got a problem or two. First of all, user registration is not handled by Kunena. User registration is handled by Joomla. The registration process can be assisted by another third-party extension, like Community Builder or Jomsocial, if you have either of these installed. Can we eliminate any third-party extension?

I vaguely recall a discussion we've had in the past about a report that a user record didn't appear on the "Kunena user list". I'm not sure if we ever got to the cause (or cure) for that problem, and I have a feeling that the final conclusion was far from satisfactory, but you may find Cannot remove users in Kunena helfpul. There are, however, sure-fire ways to help you determine if you really do have a phantom user lurking in the shadows. ;)

You may have a problem with the integrity of the Joomla user table and, using a tool like phpmyadmin, you could attempt to REPAIR the table. After REPAIRing the table, you could then check to see if the phantom is now visible on the Joomla user list. Alternatively, if you examine your Joomla user table (again using phpmyadmin) you can see if the "phantom" record really exists and, if you wanted, you could manually delete the record.

Cheers :)
25 Apr 2009 03:38 - 25 Apr 2009 03:41
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Kunena and Community Builder

Kunena and Community Builder

Category: K 1.0 Common Questions Archive

G'day, and thank you for your question, PR1821. A couple of days ago I created a brand-new, totally clean Joomla 1.5.10 website. I've used the following components:
  1. Community Builder (V1.2) - for user registration and login
  2. uddeIM V1.6 - personal messging
  3. JoomGallery V1.5 RC2 - image gallery
  4. Kunena V1.0.9
  5. ObjectClarity Discussbot (V1.0.8g)
The basic website construction work is finished; two days; all integration work is successfully completed.

It's not essential in what order you complete things, but because several of these products work together with Community Builder (and because CB is what I wanted for user registration) I installed that one first. However, because I wasn't really interested in using Community Builder for the user profiling in Kunena, I didn't even attempt to integrate CB with Kunena except to the point of using CB avatars in Kunena. What a blessed relief!

As soon as you make the decision that you won't attempt to use CB user profiles to "manage" the forum, everything just slots into places hassle-free. As soon as you accept that your site users will effectively have two user profiles (one for CB and one for Kunena) and that they won't be using one to manage the other ... your home-free. However, the moment you go down the integration road, that's when you will turn sweet bliss into a living nightmare. In a nutshell, if you enable the cbsimpleboardtab plugin, with or without the modifications that we've discussed at on dozens of occasions previously, then you're in for a lot of headaches.

To finish my story, I installed the components in the order I listed them. It doesn't really matter how you do it - you can always revisit the first-installed components to enable certain features that depend on missing components later.

Lastly, out-of-the box Kunena 1.0.9 is fantastic! Just follow the couple of configuration tips that I helped prepare ... and you're set to go!

19 Apr 2009 17:51 - 19 Apr 2009 17:51
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Community system on

Community system on

Category: K 1.0 Common Questions Archive

Denizar wrote:

I am using Community Builder and didn't like their Profile page and avatar system so I want to use Kunena's, but I want to still be able to use Community Builders Register and Login and also Lost Password pages. Is this possible?

The short answer is yes, you can use the CB registration and login functions.

The longer answer is that, in order to overcome the confusion that the Kunena forum page presents your users by having a link to the standard Joomla registration and login functions, it may be wise to remove the Kunena "profilebox" element.

I recommend you look at for the reasons why and for the technique on how to work around the problem.
19 Apr 2009 05:11
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Signatures and message ordering for Community Builder users

Signatures and message ordering for Community Builder users

Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

Ah ... thanks. In effect what we're saying is that you need to duplicate nearly all the Kunena fields in Community Builder and you need to ensure that the user registration process populates this information in a correct manner. (Another way of saying let's re-invent the wheel. ;) )

Fair enough. I might experiment with the approach but it's not one that I'd advocate to novice users who want an out-of-the-box, futureproofed solution.
15 Apr 2009 05:07
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Sync Kunena with other user table

Sync Kunena with other user table

Category: K 1.0 Common Questions Archive

Users registering with your site should be automatically added to the Kunena user database. What is the other registration component and what is its version?
11 Apr 2009 11:15 - 11 Apr 2009 14:04
Replied by sozzled on topic Yes it's possible ... but why?

Is it Possible to Use Kunena's Profile Page Outside of Kunena????

Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

I can't imagine the need to use the Kunena user profile outside of the Kunena forum ... after all, that's what it was designed for. Kunena doesn't function like Community Builder - which has its own user registration and login modules. However, if the developers were to extend Kunena into the community site management market then the situation would be different.

I agree that the Kunena user profile display looks slick. I agree that it might even be desirable, somewhere down the track (in the distant future), for the development team to consider the potential to extend Kunena beyond its current niche appeal and into the broader community site management market.

It's not difficult to display your users' Kunena profiles without them having to access the forum: create a menu item that links to <your-domain-name>/forum?func=userlist and you're nine-tenths of the way to completing the job.

You ask if anyone's tried to do this? My answer is that it's probably not worth the effort. Even so, it's your choice.

Cheers B)
06 Apr 2009 08:04 - 06 Apr 2009 08:06
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Fireboard: "Escaped apostrophes" in topic's heading

Apostrophes in Subject Heading Cause [Example\’s]

Category: K 1.0 Installation, Upgrade and Migration Archive

I can't comment on Kunena 1.0.9. Do not, under any circumstances, use Kunena 1.5.0a for your purposes. I am pleased with Kunena 1.0.8.

You should always test new software before you put it into production. You should have a test website for that purpose and you should give your users the time and the opportunity to experiment with any new features that you're intending to implement. I have a couple of test sites.

Regarding your concerns about Community Builder, I suggest that you browse the related category at this website . If you have any other questions about the strategic future of that product (including any development effort by the CB team to support Kunena) you should address your questions to Joomlapolis .

I am not aware that there are problems in synchronising CB 1.2 user registration with Joomla or Kunena. I am not aware that CB 1.2 fails to honour the Kunena forum ranking. I am aware that there have been difficulties with the core CB 1.2 simpleboardtab plugin.

I use Community Builder 1.2 and Kunena 1.0.8 and I have the two products working together satisfactorily for my purposes. You can see a demonstration, if you're interested, at
02 Apr 2009 06:51 - 02 Apr 2009 07:27
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Question CB and Forum

Question CB and Forum

Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

I think the simplest answer to Ufa's question ( #10184 ) is disable the whole Kunena login "box" thing and use whatever else you've been using for your user to register and login with: see for how to do it.

Off topic:

@Nigel: I see that you opted to use Community Builder profile settings with your forum, namely Kunena Configuration » Integration » Profile Settings = "Community Builder". Why? What does Community Builder give users that they can use in the forum? I observed, on your site, the user registration procedure allows your users to enter a "board signature". Have you been able to get that to work because we haven't - not easily, anyway. :unsure: In my view, the current version of Community Builder doesn't benefit users when they're interacting with the Kunena forum except that, yes, you can view a user's Community Builder profile.

Community Builder does not, at the moment, provide the ability to change a user's forum preferences and that, in my opinion, is more important. Consider this:

Depending on the setting you choose in the Kunena configuration, will affect the target of the highlighted tab and the means to set forum preferences. I think it's worth taking time to experiment.
02 Apr 2009 04:38 - 02 Apr 2009 04:39
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Question CB and Forum

Question CB and Forum

Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

I agree with you, Nigel, that having a consistent login and registration is what we're trying to achieve and that's probably what was the reason for Ufa asking the original question. I suppose we could have said, in hindsight, yes it's possible but it comes at a cost.

I have a similar problem: how can I have all references on my site point to the same Community Builder login and registration procedures and I haven't found a complete solution, either. I'd like you to have a look at a test site of mine:

You will see that there's an access point for user login and registration on every page. The problem occurs when the user goes to the forum page. Kunena provides another, different access point!

The parameters used are:
  • Joomla
  • Global Configuration » System: Allow User Registration = "no"
  • Global Configuration » Cache Settings: Cache = "no"
  • Module Manager: mod_cblogin = enabled
  • Module Manager: mod_login = disabled
  • Plugin Manager: System - Cache = disabled
  • Menu Manager » User Menu: menu item created with type "Community Builder - User Profile (Mandatory!)" and public access
  • Commmunity Builder
    • Configuration Manager » Registration: Allow User Registration = "yes, independently of global site setting"
  • Kunena
    • Configuration » Integration » Profile Settings = "Kunena"
    The problem is this: when a user clicks the Register link on that page (see again the area we're discussing)

    the system tries to run the standard Joomla user registration procedure (../component/user/?task=register) but because the Joomla Global configuration settings disallow it, the user gets a "403 - Access Forbidden!" error. If the Kunena configuration parameter Kunena Configuration » Integration » Profile Settings is set to "Community Builder", the Register link we've discussed points to the Community Builder registration procedure (../component/comprofiler/registers).

    But, while we can change the behaviour of these links, we also affect the choice of what user profiles will be employed in the forum! And that, for me, is a more important issue! :dry:
    31 Mar 2009 10:11 - 31 Mar 2009 10:31
    Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Question CB and Forum

    Question CB and Forum

    Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

    This problem is so bound up with the question about the desirability of choosing Kunena profile data over Community Builder profile data that it isn't funnny! :( Indeed, the more I think about the discussions we've been having, the more I'm reconsidering my strategy of dependence on Community Builder for my website.

    You have to ask yourself the question, why do I need Community Builder? What, essentially, does it provide that I can't get from something else? For me, the user registration process is better than anything else I've worked with but, as far as the Kunena forum goes, the CB user data it's practically useless! I wish I could be more supportive, but that's just the way I see it. In other respects, CB provides a fairly neat framework that ties together several components that I employ but, as these can be accessed as menu items anyway, CB isn't an essential requirement.

    To answer the question, how to make sure that the CB user registration process is maintained reliably, you need to use the following settings: Kunena Configuration » Integration » Profile Settings = "Community Builder"

    If you do this, the links I referred to in my earlier posting will work as intended: your users will use the CB login and registration procedures. However, the downside of this is that you prevent your users being able to change their Kunena profile settings in the forum. Therefore, to address that need, I used the following setting:

    Unfortunately this disrupts the way users login and/or register "from the forum".

    I don't really know how to give you a definitive, durable solution because, although everyone has different requirements, I'm wrestling with similar difficulties myself and becoming quite disillusioned with the lack of supportive help at Joomlapolis ... :S

    If we had a way of configuring Kunena that allowed us to decouple the CB login and registration functions from the CB user profile, I think that would be a help.
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