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21 Jan 2010 05:35
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Basic resizing question

Basic resizing question

Category: K 1.5 Templates and Design

Thank you for your question and for giving us the basic information we need to help. Unfortunately, though, I cannot login to your forum. When I attempt to login, I received the following message:

Your registration process is not yet complete! Please check again your email for further instructions that have just been resent. If you don't find the email, check your spam-box. Make sure that your email account options are not set to immediately delete spam. If that was the case, just try logging in again to receive a new instructions email.

You need to enable the account.

From the little that I saw, you are using a user-modified Kunena template. You are also using a RocketTheme template with a number of Rokbox features. As we have discovered on numerous occasions, many of the RocketTheme plugins simply do not work with Kunena. Try disabling those plugins to see if this improves your situation. It may not fix the problem, but it's worth a try. :)
21 Jan 2010 03:42
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Blank page on view profile from Kunena and front page

Blank page on view profile from Kunena and front page

Category: K 1.0 and K 1.5 miscellaneous third-party extensions archive

RealIdea wrote:

all i was inneed the CB registration forms only
if you have a module or plugin extend my register forms and make me able to edit and put more fields
i will use it automatically :)
and forget CB

Exactly! This is the primary reason I installed Community Builder: to register users. CB is not the best user registration component on the market. There are others: look in the Joomla Extensions Directory . If you have a complaint about CB, take it up at Joomlapolis .
20 Jan 2010 10:35
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Joomla, one signup for multiple modules or components

Joomla, one signup for multiple modules or components

Category: K 1.5 Common Questions Archive

The good news is that there is no separate login function for Kunena. If your users login to your Joomla website then they're "logged-in" to your Kunena forum. Kunena has no registration component either; Kunena uses whatever you normally use for user registration. :)
19 Jan 2010 01:47
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:I have three questions

I have three questions

Category: K 1.5 Common Questions Archive

  1. It may be possible - I haven't tried - to use animated gifs as smileys. See Smiley management in the Wiki
  2. Kunena is not responsible for user registration (see Registration Page Issues ). You will need to integrate Recapture with whatever component you have installed on your website.
  3. Ever since Kunena came on the scene there has never been a Bad Words plugin that has worked. Once upon a time there was a plugin available for Fireboard but this does not work now. From K 1.5.8 the configuration settings (to integrate with the defunct Bad Words filter) have been removed from Kunena.
13 Jan 2010 01:42
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:On site notification

On site notification

Category: K 1.5 Hacks, Tricks & Tips Archive

As we have said on numerous occasions, Kunena is not responsible for user registration or account activation. You will have more success if you look at the Joomla forum .
09 Jan 2010 02:15
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Registration Page Issues

Registration Page Issues

Category: K 1.5 Common Questions Archive

G'day, dgreener, and welcome to the forum. :)

As I am "fond" of telling people ;), Kunena is not responsible for user registration, pure and simple. User registration is a Joomla function that may, or may not, be assisted by other components such as JomSocial or Community Builder or others. Kunena makes it possible to utilise these other components.

There's much folklore associated with how well Kunena integrates the registration/login/logout functions with JomSocial and CB (which probably explains why there are so many requests for how to disable the feature), but let's leave that aside and look at your problem. I strongly doubt that Kunena is involved in what's going on.

You say that you're not receiving the automated "activation e-mail". This could be due to several causes but the most likely one is that you registered your account with an incorrect e-mail address. Of course, it may simply be that your webhost may not have e-mail properly configured (for example, if you are using XAMPP on your own PC and you haven't installed a SMTP mail service). Therefore, my question to you is this: has your site ever sent you e-mail? :unsure:
07 Jan 2010 08:41 - 30 Jan 2010 13:52
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Having trouble with registration pages

Having trouble with registration pages

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

Did these features ever work on your site using the Kunena default_ex template? Have you read Read this if you are template designer ? What did you base your template design on? We can't help without some basic information: What version Kunena are you using? What version Joomla? A link to your website together with a test username and password would also help.
04 Jan 2010 04:43 - 04 Jan 2010 04:56
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Where is BAN and delete all users psts buttons?

Where is BAN and delete all users psts buttons?

Category: General Feedback Archive

There is no easy answer to your question. Basically, the issue is as simple as this: if you allow spammers into your website, they'll come and they'll make your life a misery. So, how do you deal with them?

There are probably two basic rules: (1) control the way your users register with your website and (2) control who has access to your forum.

In the first place, controlling user registration has nothing to do with Kunena and it's completely unfair to accuse Kunena of lacking the requisite "moderation" facilities or being inadequate for "popular projects" as you seem to be asserting. Regulating your user registration is something you have to control. It all depends on how much effort you're prepared to put into the process.

There are several tools that might help, such as JomSocial or Community Builder, to assist with the registration process as long as you're prepared to invest the time and the money on the required tool-set. Kunena doesn't do anything with user registration. If you want to know more about user registration (and how to ban users) visit the Joomla! community forum and ask your questions there.

It pays to watch what's going on: use web analysis (there are lots of tools available from the Joomla! extension library ): perhaps something like Joomlawatch , especially for IP blocking, if that's what you want to use it for. There is no substitute for vigilance.

For the second issue that I've mentioned, you should tighten your discussion forum by disallowing anonymous public posts, i.e. only allow posts from registered uses. This is the default Kunena configuration setting . Visit the Kunena documentation site for more information. Delete the offensive posts as soon as you find them - What do you mean Kunena does "not have moderation tools"? I repeat, Kunena does not do anything in respect of user registration, unregistration or banning. IP blocking is not a function of Kunena. Again, vigilance is the watchword. If your site is cluttered with spam then it means your moderators aren't doing their job (deleting the offensive posts as soon as they're detected and reporting the incident to you you) doesn't it? That's a management problem: deal with it!

As for what should or should not "be widely and openly stated everywhere": who knows what that means. :blink:

If you were looking for help, I hope I've provided something. If you were looking to complain about Kunena, have a nice day. :)
04 Jan 2010 03:50 - 04 Jan 2010 03:51
Replied by sozzled on topic Re: What is the Best Private Messaging Component?

[Merged topic] What is the Best Private Messaging Component?

Category: General Feedback Archive

freedomcoach wrote:

My only real complaint with uddeIM is that I have never been able to get the pop-up window to work when you have private messages in your inbox waiting for you.

The documentation provided has never clarified or allowed me to troubleshoot this. If anyone has any experience or suggestions with this item please let me know.

Sometimes the "documentation" you seek hasn't been written. It happens! But I don't think this is relevant to the discussion topic.

Fundamentally, the question of "what is the best private messaging components" crops up in this discussion forum dozens of times: everyone has their own opinion and everyone seems to think that whatever they're using is the best one. Personally, I dislike the JomSocial PM system used at this site (but that's just my opinion) and the uddeIM is a little awkward for total beginners, however some total novices are totally out of their depth with Joomla. I know a lot of people who are totally out of their depth with computers!

Kunena does not claim to solve personal messaging needs, nor user login, registration or profiling needs for that matter. There are many other personal messaging components that you can use that don't integrate with Kunena and they may be superior to the ones we've mentioned. So what? How does this relate to Kunena?

I don't think it's fair to use this discussion forum to complain about another software developer's product, but, to address freedomcoach's question, as far as I know, the "pop-up window" (or slide-across window, or however it's implemented with Javascript) requires a browser that supports Javascript, for starters. Maybe you should examine your browser's Javascript settings? As far as I can tell, the uddeIM pop-up animation only occurs if you're logged-in when the message is received. In other words, if someone sends you a message via uddeIM and you're not logged-in at the time when the message is transmitted, you won't see the pop-up animation. However, the message is still accessible from your uddeIM mailbox. :huh:
20 Aug 2009 05:42
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Singel login to forum

Singel login to forum

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

You can't do this ... well, not easily, anyway. This question is also tied up with a similar question you asked less than four hours ago, isn't it? :whistle:

I have said this, and others have also said this, on many occasions: Kunena is not responsible for how users register or login to your website. That's the start, end and the middle of the discussion. Joomla handles the way your users register and login. The Joomla registration process may be helped by third-party extensions like Community Builder or JomSocial.

Having said those things, what does your request for a separate "login module to my forum that is not connected with the Joomla login (nor connected to the Joomla user database)" mean? You see, that question is impossible to answer in a Kunena context.

I suggest you look at the Joomla Extensions Directory , or ask your question in the Joomla forum (, for an answer ... and the best of luck in finding one.

Maybe the simplest solution is to create two websites ... two websites, two separate registrations and logins ... simple, really, isn't it? B)
19 Aug 2009 05:59
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Use First Name and First letter of Last Name as username

Use First Name and First letter of Last Name as username

Category: K 1.5 Hacks, Tricks & Tips Archive

This is a good question but I don't know whether this is the appropriate forum to be discussing it. As I and others have written on many occasions Kunena does nothing with user registration and login. These are Joomla functions; these functions can be assisted by third-party extensions like JomSocial and Community Builder.

I suspect that you will get a better, faster, and more targetted response to your question at or at Good luck :)
19 Aug 2009 04:54
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:New User registration

New User registration

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

G'day, jcolome. As I have said on many occasions, Kunena is not responsible for user registrations. This is a Joomla matter. Your question has probably been asked and answered dozens of times at

Solution: Change your user record (at the site you constructed on behalf of your friend) site so that you don't receive "system e-mails". :)
15 Aug 2009 12:52 - 15 Aug 2009 12:57
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Sig Bug

Sig Bug

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

G'day, telazorn. I understand and I sympathise with your frustration - I really do! - and I am not the least bit offended. I have several websites, some of them use Community Builder for the login/registration and forum details and some of them don't. In some cases I've chosen to use Community Builder profile integration and in some of them I've chose the Kunena profile integration. Because of the many months that we had to wait for Joomlapolis to update the Community Builder component so that it would properly co-operate with Kunena, most of us used workarounds or temporary hacks to get the functionality to work.

For the most part I haven't paid too much attention to the signature "problem" as you've described it. I mean, because I've set my signature via the Kunena user profile feature (and it works) I haven't had the need to change it any other way.

So, by way of my apology to you, you are correct: there is a defect with either Kunena or Community Builder. If you set the signature in CB its value isn't honoured in the Kunena component. To be honest with you, aside from regularly running the SQL procedure we've referred to, I don't know else how to make CB signatures override the Kunena ones! :blush:

Furthermore, in my previous message I was wrong when I wrote

What has been introduced into Kunena is the ability for users to update their signatures from the Community Builder user profile.

That, as it turns out from your report (and from my testing of it) was quite wrong. It seems you cannot update your Kunena signature directly from the CB user profile. :(

I also think that it's probably something for the Kunena developers to look into.

In the meantime, your users can modify their signature if you send them to <your-domain-name>/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=myprofile

14 Aug 2009 08:00 - 14 Aug 2009 08:07
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:Announcement and "last time visited" timestamps are off

Announcement and "last time visited" timestamps are off

Category: K 1.5 Hacks, Tricks & Tips Archive

This is a good question and one that has not been properly attended to since the days of Fireboard.

I spent about two hours this morning, struggling to make sense of how dates and times are displayed in Kunena.

On the one hand, the Kunena setting Board Offset = x (hours) seems to work fine for me w.r.t. displaying the timestamps on posted messages. No doubt, the information looks "right" for other users in my timezone (UTC +10 hours). On the other hand, though, the "board offset" time is ignored when it comes to displaying the announcement time, the registration date and the last visited date. Fiddling with the "board offset" time messes up the message posting times (so I leave the value = 0).

There are other instances where these dates are inconsistently displayed, too. (For example, if a person has registered but not visited the forum, the user list shows the last visited date as "Never" but the user profile shows the last visited date as 1-Jan-1970!)

What is lacking is the ability to convert the absolute MySQL date into a user's local time. In the case of showing the post times on the message boards, Kunena (and before it, Fireboard) used a "bandaid" method: i.e. show the post times relative to the current time (e.g. 5 hours, 46 minutes ago).

To convert these into an absolute date/time format (e.g 14-Aug-2009 12:00, roughly the time I'm writing this message) that's 12:00 pm according to Australian Eastern Standard Time. But that's 11:30 am Australian Central Time or 10:00 am Australian Western Standard Time and so on and so forth). What is needed is a consistent time display for all of Kunena's functions and these should be converted in an equivalent manner to using the Javascript getTimezoneOffset() function.

Perhaps this is something the developers will look into in a future version of Kunena. In the meantime I've learnt to accept the fact that many of the times I see are 10 hours "wrong" while many other times are correct. It's just one of those things. :(
11 Aug 2009 10:47
Replied by sozzled on topic Re:SIGNATURE FIELD in Registration

SIGNATURE FIELD in Registration

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

deathgame3 wrote:

hi since kunena doesn't have its own registration form and i don't use anything like CB and don't want to, is there a way i can include a signature field for kunena's user signature in joomla's default registration plz? it wud be really awesome! also other fields like AVATAR upload, etc will be nice too

OK, there are two problems to solve here.

First of all, there's the matter of adding the custom field into the Joomla user table and dovetailing the registration procedure. Read Add fields to registration but be warned that it's a non-trivial exercise.

The next thing you have to do is to modify the Kunena user synchronisation procedure so that every time a new user is registered, the details are inserted into the jos_fb_user table. Likewise, if someone uses the Synchronize User function on the Kunena Control Panel, the same process has to be performed there, too.

I don't see anyone rushing to complete this process in the near future. Perhaps this idea should be added to the "wish list" of desirable features and have people vote for it via User Voice ?
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