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20 May 2016 09:05
Replied by sozzled on topic user registration goes to wrong page

user registration goes to wrong page

Category: Community Builder

Kristybernales wrote: Having the same issue ...

I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure that I understand your problem.

Are you having a problem installing Kunena? Are you having a problem installing Community Builder? Or have you installed both Kunena and Community Builder and you're having a problem with user registration? Or, you've installed everything and you're getting HTTP 500 Internal Server errors?
14 Apr 2016 21:31
Replied by sozzled on topic Joomla + Kunena Registration ?

Joomla + Kunena Registration ?

Category: K 4.0 Support

Alan-M wrote: When [a] new member tries to register they [are] sent [an email to complete the registration process containing a verification link] they have to click [but it doesn't] work? It either says [they're] a "bad person" or the link goes to a blank page; they can't complete the registration process.

Would any one know the best way I can sort this?

I suggest you take your questions to the Joomla forum where you will get better advice and help.

Even though you have asked for "support" from the developers of Kunena (and you've asked your question in the "reporting defects" category ) this is not a defect in Kunena. You can prove that this is not a Kunena problem if you uninstall Kunena from your website.

This topic may help you: User registration and/or general login issues

Good luck :)
27 Jan 2016 21:55 - 27 Jan 2016 22:05
Replied by sozzled on topic captcha not working

captcha not working

Category: General Questions Archive

810 wrote: if you set the settings on kunena, Then try to disable the recaptcha plugin.

I do not think this is a wise suggestion. There may be other reasons for using the Joomla CAPTCHA plugin (e.g. user registration, other Joomla extensions that utilise the Joomla CAPTCHA plugin) if site owners want to use Google reCAPTCHA V 2.0.

For the time being, site owners who want to use Google reCAPTCHA V 2.0 with Kunena V 4.0 are required to use Crypsis. Site owners cannot use Google reCAPTCHA V 2.0 with K 4.0 Blue Eagle but they can use Google reCAPTCHA V 2.0 for other things in Joomla if they wish; therefore there is no need to disable the plugin.
27 Nov 2015 22:10 - 27 Nov 2015 22:10
Replied by sozzled on topic Remove "Create Account" from Kuena User

Remove "Create Account" from Kuena User

Category: K 4.0 General Questions Archive

I think I understand the problem and I think I have a solution. This is more a Community Builder issue than it is a Kunena issue; it would be better if this topic was moved to the Community Builder category, however I do not think the forum moderators will do that for us.

If I understand you correctly, you want your users to be able to login to your website on the same page as where they see your Kunena forum. Is that right?

Unfortunately, if you use the standard Kunena login form for your users to login, the appearance of the registration link is—as 810 implied—controlled by the Joomla User Management options . Therefore, in your case, you have to choose between using the Kunena login form or using the CB Login module.

I am not sure what your Kunena configuration settings are (because I have not seen your configuration report ), but I suggest you modify the forum integration plugin settings as shown in red below:

Kunena - AlphaUserPoints Disabled
Kunena - Community Builder Enabled: access=0 login=0 activity=0 avatar=1 profile=1 private=0
Kunena - Gravatar Disabled
Kunena - JomSocial Disabled
Kunena - Joomla Enabled: access=1 login=0
Kunena - Kunena Enabled: avatar=0 profile=0
Kunena - UddeIM Enabled: Disabled
28 Aug 2015 01:11
Replied by sozzled on topic Login not working: "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet"

Registration not working

Category: General Questions Archive

As I wrote earlier, the subject of this topic (in the first message) is erroneous. It is not a problem with Joomla registration. It is not even a problem with Kunena. In my opinion, this topic belongs in the Miscellaneous, off-topic and general Joomla section.

A quick search of the internet using the error message text "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet" shows that this issue occurs irrespective of whether people have install Kunena. For example, see “Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet” Error – Cause and Fix .

It does not matter if the Kunena team supports or does not support Kunena with J! 3.2. As I have written before , the problem of not being able to login to a website is most unlikely to be affected by Kunena.

I don't think caching, cookies or even a Javascript conflict is involved (as some people may suggest) although I could be wrong. In my brief research of this subject I discovered that there has been much written about the error and some of the ideas and suggestions might be worth some further investigation.
25 Aug 2015 23:46 - 25 Aug 2015 23:46
Replied by sozzled on topic Registration not working

Registration not working

Category: General Questions Archive

websiteprojects wrote: Could you please advise what the issue is here?

The issues in this topic are discussed in detail in the topic User registration and/or general login issues .

The problem is not with user registration. As 810 wrote earlier, Kunena "uses Joomla registration". The problem lies with the login process.

The problem is unlikely to involve the Joomla template. It is possible that there is a Javascript conflict somewhere but, without getting deeply involved with the way that the site was set up, I am not going to jump to any conclusions. 810 is right in suggesting that you should update Joomla.

There may be issues involved in using Kunena with sh404SEF that you might consider.
18 Aug 2015 00:54
Replied by sozzled on topic K 4.0.3 Crypsis "automatically" subscribes to topic; Blue Eagle does not

K 4.0.3 Crypsis "automatically" subscribes to topic; Blue Eagle does not

Category: K 4.0 Support Archive

rich wrote: The user could always select the checkbox self, if subscription is allowed. Now he has this setting also in his profile. What has that to do with privacy laws?

This has everything to do with privacy. I don't have the time to explain the legal implications here at this time (perhaps I will write an article about it in the future) but, at this time, I am obtaining legal advice just to be absolutely sure.

In another topic there is a reference to an idea by the developers to implement autosubscription as an "integrated" (core) feature of Kunena. I have already offered my opinion.

The point that I was trying to make is that Kunena has the potential to create an impression that forum users will automatically be subscribed whenever they post messages on the forum and we need to find a way to help people to avoid the potential for privacy actions taken against forum owners. Better help, better service, less problems; that's all I want us to do.
04 Jul 2015 20:41
Replied by sozzled on topic K 4.0.3: How to enable reCAPTCHA v2 with Crypsis and Blue Eagle

K 4.0.3: How to enable reCAPTCHA v2 with Crypsis and Blue Eagle

Category: K 4.0 Support Archive

810 wrote: The [configuration] settings [for reCAPTCHA] are for the backwards compatibility for Blue Eagle.

This is not an entirely true statement.

I have been testing CAPTCHA issue further and it seems that the issue extends beyond the Kunena forum component. The component configuration settings also determine how the Kunena Discuss plugin works as well.

As we see, in the topic New reCaptcha? ,

xillibit wrote: ... in the future Kunena will support for captcha the Joomla! plugins directly instead to have his own code for that.

That statement was made on 3 March this year, three months before the release of K 4.0. There has been no further word on that subject since then. As we can see, from the topic I have just referred to, the discussion about Google's reCAPTCHA v2 is not new.

I want to make two points:

1) There is no explanation in the Kunena Configuration settings about how the CAPTCHA keys are supposed to work, why they need to be entered there (and not, instead, in the Joomla Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin settings), and the fact that these settings have (a) no effect on Crypsis, (b) only affect Blue Eagle and (c) are required for the Kunena Discuss module.

2) The behaviour between the Kunena component is inconsistent with other Joomla extensions (including the Joomla user registration component) that people use on their websites. The Kunena component uses Joomla Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin settings (and this statement is only half-true); the Kunena Discuss module uses the Kunena Configuration settings.
30 Jun 2015 00:39
Replied by sozzled on topic Edit the profiles of others

Edit the profiles of others

Category: K 3.0 General Questions

Although it may be possible to modify a component to do almost anything that you could want it to do (and, with a few days of work it might be possible to do this kind of thing in Kunena) there are a few reasons why I would recommend strongly against something like this being done with Kunena (or any web-based discussion forum product for that matter).

Theoretical discussion about the coding changes aside, there are ethical hurdles—some might even question the legalility of the proposal—that you would need to consider if this were possible.

When I join a website I do so in the knowledge that my personal particulars will be protected and my privacy maintained. If I feel that my privacy may, in any way, be compromised then I will not register at a website. These privacy concerns and the way that a website may use (or misuse) my personal information should be clearly outlined in a site's terms of use and privacy policy .

I accept that there may be reasons to change a user's registration on a website. Joomla allows the site administrator to change a user's username, password and a couple of other things.

As far as the forum is concerned, a user should be allowed to amend their user profile in ways that are consistent with the site's terms of use. For example, a user should be able to set their forum preferences, their "status", their gender, avatar image and signature as long as they do not use words or images that are inconsistent with the site's terms of use or that may offend other members of the community.

In the event that a user's forum profile may be inconsistent with a site's terms of use or forum code of conduct, then an administrator or forum moderator can remove some things (e.g. their signature, avatar or, indeed, all of their profile information) as part of the banning procedure. The backend allows the site administrator to do similar things, too and also allows the administrator to change the user's forum signature.

This has been accepted practice in all web-based discussion forums that I have used over the past 20 years. This has been the way things have operated in Kunena for the last 7 years.

Yes, there have been other discussions on this forum about this idea and, on each occasion, I have written similarly.

Yes, it's theoretically possible to make changes like this (if you have the enthusiasm, the energy and the skill to undertake the programming) but one should always be extremely careful what one wishes for. There are good reasons why the methodology has been implemented in the way you see it operate today. Although, I agree, it may be a little frustrating for site administrators who are tempted to amend the details of a user's forum profile that they may disagree with, I believe that it should be the user's responsibility to amend those details and no-one else's.

We can disagree but that's my opinion and I see no reason for me to change my opinion.

I hope this helps you understand the situation with a little more clarity and gives you the opportunity to think carefully about the implications of having this feature implemented on your site.
13 May 2015 23:25
Replied by sozzled on topic registration


Category: K 3.0 General Questions

davem wrote: I only want it to stop the registration by way of Kunena.

When I turn off for Joomla, no-one can register anywhere and that gives undesired results.

Is there another solution with Kunena?

The reply from 810 is basically correct. Kunena uses Joomla (or, perhaps, a Joomla extension you may have installed) for registering new accounts . You cannot disable account registration in Kunena but you can remove the link that people might use in Kunena if that is what you want to do.

We have discussed how to hide the registration link in this forum before.

I hope this extra information helps. :)
30 Apr 2015 20:10 - 30 Apr 2015 20:18
Replied by sozzled on topic How can I prevent spam registration emails?

How can I prevent spam registration emails?

Category: Miscellaneous, off-topic and general Joomla

urbycoz wrote: I'm getting hundreds of spam emails a day from fake email addresses attempting to create an account.

What should I do?

First of all, as Rich wrote, Kunena is a Joomla extension. Kunena does not have its own registration tool; Kunena uses whatever Joomla registration component you have installed on your website .

In my opinion, this is not really a question about Kunena—this is more a question about website security but, if the forum moderators want to treat it as a K 3.0 General Questions topic, that's their concern.

The forum here gets questions about spam at least once a week. If you search the forum you will find hundreds (literally) of messages posted about spam!

I am in the process of writing an article about how to protect your Kunena forum from spam—although, as I mentioned earlier, stopping spam is not really a Kunena issue. I get zero spam on the websites that I manage. I use CAPTCHA (as part of my registration process) but I do not rely only on CAPTCHA. I do not use Akismet for Kunena . These kinds of tools only give you a partial reduction in the level of spam but they are not completely effective.

For the moment, the best advice I can give you is to browse through the messages posted in the topic How to protect my forum from spam . There are lots of useful suggestions there.

"The only truly effective remedy against spam is vigilance."

If anyone would like to contact me about my ideas to combat spam, you can reach me on Skype.
21 Apr 2015 09:36 - 21 Apr 2015 09:42
Replied by sozzled on topic advice for kunena forum with auto registration users

advice for kunena forum with auto registration users

Category: K 3.0 General Questions

810 wrote: i use:

After seeing a hundred or more spam messages posted here (at in the last few hours, I think it's not a good recommendation if you do have not actually used Akismet in the one place that probably needs it more than anywhere else.
21 Mar 2015 19:42 - 21 Mar 2015 19:45
Replied by sozzled on topic change registration.php

change registration.php

Category: German

This topic was originally posted in the K 3.0 General Questions category (this is the original link: partly in English and partly in German.

The original question (translated into English):

Zuckerhut wrote: Hi, we need help to change the registration!

The new form should have:

- rename the field name to last name
- additional the first name
- when it comes User Profile and associated fields omit!
- then you have the post of a contribution first name and last name appear

Yes, it would have been better if the whole question had been asked in English but it also may have been better if the answer had been written in English, too.

For the benefit of others who may like to read the answer in English:

rich wrote: == Topic shifted to the German Category ==
Kunena has nothing to do with the registration. This is done via Joomla. You can customise the Joomla registration form by enabling the plugin "User - Profile" and there make your desired setting changes active.

The only option in Kunena is in the setting "Configuration> Users> Show Name = No", then the real name is displayed instead of the user name. To display name and surname in contributions, the user would have to have registered both name and surname enter on the same line.

rich is correct. This similar question has been asked before in this forum. The answer is

Kunena is not responsible for user registration or login

Zuckerhut wrote: If someone can make this changes, we will pay for this work!

There are other products that may help you. I think you may find something useful in the topic User registration and/or general login issues
15 Mar 2015 21:16
Replied by sozzled on topic Blank Page after Registration

Blank Page after Registration

Category: K 3.0 General Questions

jcloudsnetwork wrote: I used Kunena forum make registration but after submitting, it turn into blank page.

As we have written before in this forum ,

Kunena is not responsible for user registration or login

Please read the topic How do I register new users to my website and where should they login to use my website?
13 Mar 2015 21:36
Replied by sozzled on topic Forum send emails to all users when new user registers.

Forum send emails to all users when new user registers.

Category: Miscellaneous, off-topic and general Joomla

neotox428 wrote: ...if you were to register on my site ever single user on my site would receive an email with the following:

Hello administrator,

A new user 'Gregtest', username 'gregtest', has registered at

This makes total, reasonable sense for site administrators to receive such emails but it does not make sense for normal/unprivileged, registered users to receive such emails unless you have modified the access rights, in the backend, to give your registered users elevated privileges to this Joomla feature.

As I have written before on this forum , unlike standalone forum applications (e.g. phpBB) Kunena is not responsible for user registration or for the processes surrounding user registration.

neotox428 wrote: No one is a admin on my site except me so that isn't the case so they shouldn't get the mail.

If this is the case then I agree. No-one—except for administrators—should receive these kinds of emails.

According to the official Joomla documentation , the setting Receive System Emails only applies to site administrators. Therefore, it does not matter what setting you're using because they should not receive these kinds of emails ... unless you have changed the default Joomla access level permissions in the backend (see, among other things, Every new user has Administrator rights ).

neotox428 wrote: ... each individual user you can change receive system email ... but would you want to click on 1000 users and change this?

The normal, default setting for Receive System Emails is "No" (for normal unprivileged users) unless you have changed something; the default value for system administrators is "Yes" (again, unless you have changed something). This setting, notwithstanding, in a standard, well-behaved Joomla installation, it should not really matter what value you have set this to as far as this discussion is concerned. The situation only applies if the user has the setting Receive System Emails = Yes and if that user is an administrator (or has administrator access to the registration component).

If I had more information about your website — unfortunately I am not a moderator on this forum and therefore I do not have access to the confidential information in your configuration report — I might be able to help you more. I'm doing the best I can with the information that you've given.
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