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20 Aug 2009 05:42
Replied by sozzled on topic Singel login to forum

Singel login to forum

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

You can't do this ... well, not easily, anyway. This question is also tied up with a similar question you asked less than four hours ago, isn't it? :whistle:

I have said this, and others have also said this, on many occasions: Kunena is not responsible for how users register or login to your website. That's the start, end and the middle of the discussion. Joomla handles the way your users register and login. The Joomla registration process may be helped by third-party extensions like Community Builder or JomSocial.

Having said those things, what does your request for a separate "login module to my forum that is not connected with the Joomla login (nor connected to the Joomla user database)" mean? You see, that question is impossible to answer in a Kunena context.

I suggest you look at the Joomla Extensions Directory , or ask your question in the Joomla forum (, for an answer ... and the best of luck in finding one.

Maybe the simplest solution is to create two websites ... two websites, two separate registrations and logins ... simple, really, isn't it? B)
19 Aug 2009 04:54
Replied by sozzled on topic New User registration

New User registration

Category: K 1.5 Support Archive

G'day, jcolome. As I have said on many occasions, Kunena is not responsible for user registrations. This is a Joomla matter. Your question has probably been asked and answered dozens of times at

Solution: Change your user record (at the site you constructed on behalf of your friend) site so that you don't receive "system e-mails". :)
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