Blue Eagle 5 v1.5.5 has been Released (22 Nov 2020)

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena template Blue Eagle 5 v1.5.5 which is now available for download. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in development.

Question Horrible templates for Kunena 5

2 years 9 months ago #21 by PetrIvanovich

GeJay wrote: I do have to admit that I know they did a lot of work coming up with version 5, but unfortunately, the template crypsis and crypsis3 are not usable by any means. The one thing going for Blue Eagle is that it was a complete template and one that was easy to develop/modify a new template from. But I still stand by my opinion of the new one for v5. I was so excited with the completely new Kunena 5, but it crashed and burned when I saw the template.

I do not agree that Cripsis is a bad template. A year ago, I was also unhappy, but then figured out.
Crypsis is a very cool template. Look at this example: Строительный форум
All the bugs fixed (I made 7 queries on the git on the template - everything was fixed). If you find bugs you can specify. Developers respond quickly, all fixes in updates.

Sorry for my English.

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