Kunena 6.2.5 & module Kunena Latest 6.0.7 released

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.2.5 [K 6.2.5] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0.x. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in K 6.1 / K 6.2 and issues discovered during the last development stages of K 6.2

Question 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 upgrade error

11 years 1 month ago #11 by davesage
yes - those are the ones I've fixed, and they are fine.

It is the component menu items for the kunena admin panel in the back-end that are missing, the items that link you to the category management etc..

The front end menus are all fine now.

Take a look at the screenshot here:


this kunena forum menu is missing in the back end.

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11 years 1 month ago #12 by modernmagic
If you have akeeba Admintools installed, have you tried fixing permissions?

I have not experienced your issue so i think you need someone else in the forum to help out. sorry.

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11 years 1 month ago #13 by sozzled
Sometimes J! 2.5 gets itself into a bit of a mess if a component is not properly installed. In cases like these, you need to completely remove every trace of the badly-installed component from your website. This may involve looking at the table *__assets and delete the record for com_kunena. There may also be other traces of "kunena" in other tables in the database that you may need to root out and remove.

After you have cleared out all traces of "kunena" from your site, then I would suggest that you try the K 2.0 installation method described in K 2.0 Installation Guide .

Because you are not seeing menu items in your administrator (backend) site, everything seems to point to a corrupted installation of K 2.0.4. I hope this helps.

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11 years 1 month ago #14 by davesage
Thanks, how would I then repopulate the current forum data, would I have to restore data in sql from the main kunena tables backed up from before the uninstall?



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11 years 1 month ago - 11 years 1 month ago #15 by sozzled
It depends on how much is posted and how much value there is in retaining the data that's already there.

On the one hand, it may be possible to not jeopardise the data (by leaving the Kunena data tables untouched) and work your way around the problem by "tricking" Joomla into thinking that you're installing Kunena for the first time. As I mentioned, sometimes Joomla (J! 2.5 in particular) gets itself tangled-up and the administrator stuff isn't properly installed as it should be. Obviously there are many ways that a skilled Joomla exponent can spend their time assisting you but it largely depends on the "worth" that there is in trying to retain/reclaim as much as you can.

The question is, perhaps, unfortunately, only something that you can decide how you want to proceed from here. I've seen one or two cases like yours and I've spent a few hours digging around and managed to find the cause (which lay in a few anomalous entries in the Joomla database tables). Perhaps this is what happened in your case. I really don't know unless we examine the issues more deeply.

These things take time and (I hate to say it) time costs money. We're only volunteers here, we who spend our time trying to answer the hundreds of puzzling questions that we get each day, and for much of our time our reward is criticism, abuse, and complaint about "why aren't you supporting your free products like any other company, we try our very best.

So I try to remind people that there is no company behind Kunena; everyone who contributes to Kunena is a hobbyist, enthusiast or professional web developer who gives their time freely to this project - volunteers every one of us. Our hope is to make Kunena the most reliable, scalable, durable and robust forum component for Joomla that we can make it and to give people the best solution to meeting their forum needs. The forum is a self-help community-driven resource for users to help one another. Our job, in moderating the forum, is not necessarily to answer every question but, rather, to point people in the right direction where they can find the answers.

Most of the time it works but in a few cases it doesn't. Sometimes even our best efforts are not good enough within the Joomlaverse. ;)
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