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The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena 6.0.6 [K 6.0.6] which is now available for download as a native Joomla extension for J! 4.2.x. This is a security release.

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Merged Please help me understand the GPL for Kunena ... (and removing the "Powered by Kunena" link)

9 years 5 months ago #51 by martinezfdezjl
I've reading about gpl, and the opinion about backlink on the bottom of forum... and i have a problem.

My portal is for a "intranet" and some of users dont have internet conexion, several links dont works. If i can take a decission about "powered by" i dont put out this kind of links.

But my boss dont like this links, "not are visual and pretty"; and i have 3 of them. One i can make a donation to put out and i dont know if in kunena this is possible.

But, another option that i propose and its the idea that i like to know your opinion is to make a menu option to an article named "Powered by".

I have a FAQ link menu and my idea is put FAQ and Powered By in the samen link.

What contains this article?

A description of all components that i use to construct the portal: joomla site, components, plugins... with links and images.

In this article i put all, the components with back link and the components without link.

I think its a good idea, but, the programmers of kunena, what think about this?
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8 years 11 months ago - 8 years 11 months ago #52 by garzarath

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8 years 11 months ago - 8 years 11 months ago #53 by sozzled
Please see msg #5 in this topic:

sozzled wrote: I will try to keep this brief and simple:

The development team has reviewed this matter. In the past there have been topics giving details about how to remove the "Powered by" link and credits. There has not been a "policy switch": as severdia basically says, the only conditions governing the use of Kunena are covered by the GPL.

In keeping with this policy, the development team has decided to remove all messages and discussions that advise how to remove the "Powered by Kunena" link and credits. Although users can make changes to Kunena - to remove the authorship attribution, for example -the developers strongly discourage those practices as this breaches the GPL.

For this reason we have removed the information posted by garzarath that showed how to remove the "Powered by Kunena" text.

As mentioned many times before in this topic, people may remove the "Powered by Kunena" text if they choose to do so. There are countless references around the internet that, if people search for them, show how to remove the "Powered by Kunena" credits. Kunena is licensed under the GPL and people are permitted to change the software (as long as they do not remove the copyright notices in the original source code or attempt to redistribute Kunena in violation of copyright) but, as far as this forum is concerned, we have a standard practice of removing messages posted here that show how to remove the "Powered by Kunena" text.

The only tangible reward received by members of the Kunena development team is the mention of their names in the credits that appears with the "Powered by Kunena" text. By removing that text people are effectively denying members of the team their due reward.

garzarath wrote:

Not that I don´t value the work of the developers ...

If people truly valued the work done by the Kunena team then people would understand that the developers do this work voluntarily, freely, and without any reward; people would either leave the "powered by" text intact as a way of saying "thank you" or they would donate money to the project as a gesture of their appreciation if they want to remove the text.

If people continue to "value" non-commercial Joomla extensions in ways as garzarath tried to demonstrate here (and in ways that others do elsewhere around the internet) then I think we will see the demise of non-commercial software development. If there's no prospect of reward, why bother building something to share with someone else?

There are ways that people can legitimately remove the "powered by" text. People can research the internet to look for answers or they may contact me personally and, for a very small donation to the project, I am in a position to provide them with information that legitimately removes the text without having to modify any source code. My email details are on the team page .
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8 years 3 months ago #54 by puniksem
While I appreciate the endless hard work the Kunena team must have spent getting this forum as good as it is today, I would like to know if it is possible to legally remove the powered by statement, ie can I purchase the right to remove it. Alternatively can it be moved from the forum page to a general credits page located elsewhere on my site?

I thank you in advance for any information and or advice on this question.

We are what we repeatedly do - excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
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8 years 3 months ago #55 by 810
The following user(s) said Thank You: puniksem
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8 years 3 months ago #56 by sozzled
*** Topics merged ***

The important reason why I am merging this topic - to explain for the benefit of other moderators on the team - is that this topic was originally posted in the K 3.0 Installation and Upgrade category. This topic does not belong in that category. That category is for dealing with problems involved during the installation of Kunena. It is not a category for asking general questions about licensing, changes to or the operation of Kunena after people have installed it.

It is legal to remove the "Powered by ..." link at the bottom of the forum. We are just not going to explain here, in this forum, how to do that. It is not legal to remove the internal copyright notices within the software. If anyone has any specific questions about this matter they can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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