Blue Eagle 5 v1.6.2 has been Released for Kunena 5.2 (20 Jan 2021)

The Kunena team has announce the arrival of Kunena template Blue Eagle 5 v1.6.2 which is now available for download. This version addresses most of the issues that were discovered in development.

Blue Eagle 1.6.x requires Kunena 5.2.x to work with

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Solved Can Moderators Ban People

8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #11 by sozzled
Replied by sozzled on topic Can Moderators Ban People
Yes, it's a problem all right, when you have integrated JomSocial profiles instead of Kunena profiles.

However that's an entirely different question.

Global moderators can ban users when they access the Kunena user profile. Therefore you need to explain to your global moderators that they need to go to the user's Kunena profile to execute the ban (unless you can figure out a way for them to do it from JomSocial without having to give them site administration privileges).

User management from JomSocial is JomSocial 's department (not our department); deciding to allow user management functions within the forum context - by linking usernames to JomSocial user profiles or Kunena user profiles - is your department.

I can tell you that, when this website was using JomSocial user profiles and when I required access to the Kunena "ban user" feature, it used to take me about 3 minutes to locate the Kunena user profile and execute the ban from there; these days (without JomSocial) it takes one mouse-click. Using JomSocial user profiles used to frustrate all the global moderators here because of the extra effort.

Do you require instructions to locate the URL to a user's Kunena profile? Armed with that information, it's a straightforward matter for your global moderators to go there. :)
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8 years 6 months ago #12 by Oscarfishlover
That's what I thought. Oh well, I will just have to leave it like it is. Thanks anyway

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