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Blue Eagle 1.6.x requires Kunena 5.2.x to work with, this template isn't designed to works with Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4.

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Merged How to protect my forum from spam

9 years 11 months ago - 9 years 11 months ago #161 by sozzled
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I know this topic has been discussed extensively on this forum, but the posts I can find are very disjointed and very old.

G'day :)

Yes, the topic has been discussed extensively on this forum but the discussion has been kept in the one place so as to assist everyone with the same basic question: "How do I protect my website (and my forum, obviously) from attack?" Rather than tackle your question as a separate, new topic - as you have done - I've merged your topic with the one we've used in the past. I will, however, try to give your questions more detailed treatment than by responding with a facile how-you-protect-your-forum-is-something-for-you-to-decide kind of answer.

Even though some of the messages posted in this discussion may be old, the problem of spam is much older than when this topic started. Spam has been a persistent problem that is older than the internet. So, while some of the messages may seem "dated", the advice given in this topic is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first offered.

Can anybody maybe give us all a simple, single forum example to solve this issue?

The reason that there is no single, simple answer is because the issue quite complex. If we start with the understanding that everyone has a different way of implementing a website (and a web-based discussion forum like Kunena) you might begin to understand that many factors may contribute to this problem.

Some people like the idea of allowing anyone to post whatever they like without requiring them to login. The problem with that, of course, is that they have little control over the content of what people post on their forum apart from challenging people every time they post with some simple "identity" check (e.g. CAPTCHA) and all that CAPTCHA does is to ensure that it's a human being posting objectionable material instead of a 'bot.

Some people restrict their sites so that everyone can view what's posted on the forum (and only registered users can login in order to post) but then allow anyone to register with their site; they then wonder how their sites become littered with material that they consider "objectionable". Other people still further restrict their sites so that only registered members of the community must login - in order to see the forum - but they still have the "open door" policy to allowing material to appear on the site automatically, without review. Again, the root cause of this problem is a registration issue. How do you know, when someone registers at your site, that they're not going to abuse the privileges of posting on your site?

Still, other people even further restrict their sites by requiring that all messages are subjected to moderator review before they are published on the board. This is about the ultimate preventive measure but it impacts on the smooth flow of the discussions and comes at a cost to management. This is a question for forum managers/site administrators to weigh up as to how much management overhead is the "right amount" and how much is not justifiable.

Some website genres seem more "attractive" to spam than others. I don't know why that seems to be the case but anime and game sites are more likely to be targeted by spammers than old ladies' quilting or bird-watching society websites. :unsure:

1. A spam user or bot registers on a Joomla! site and defeats captcha and email confirmation.

Of course as we all know, this has nothing to do with Kunena. Kunena is not responsible for user registration on a Joomla website. User registration is a Joomla function that may be optionally assisted by other Joomla extensions better equipped to deal with registration scrutiny. Basic Joomla has two variations: allow everyone to register (and new registrations must confirm by using a valid email address) or allow no-one to register. If you allow no-one to register you, the system administrator, must perform all user registration yourself.

2. They begin posting spam on a Kunena forum that only allows posting by registered users.

As I mentioned earlier in my reply, if you allow people to register and give them the unfettered right use the forum after they have joined, then you allow people the ability to post whatever they like ... unless you review everything that they write beforehand. The question that everyone needs to individually answer is, how much scrutiny is the "right amount" of scrutiny. On the one hand you can scrutinise to the point of terrorising people and they may be reluctant to post anything at all if they're continually subjected to this kind of treatment.

For instance, take a community-driven, self-help forum like the one here at www.kunena.org. Messages are not screened before they appear on the forum. They appear instantly. So, you may ask, how do we prevent spam posting on this website?

The answer to this question, as I have often written, is simple:

The only effective remedy against spam is vigilance.

We have an active moderation team here, one that operates close to 24 hours a day, and spam rarely lasts for more than a few minutes before it's detected, removed and the account(s) responsible for this rubbish are blocked from accessing the site in future. This site has a zero tolerance of spam and the moderation team is equipped with the necessary tools to deal with the problem.

However, if you are asking what preventive measures can be taken in the first place to stop spam from showing up on your forum, the answer really lies in how you screen new user registrations. There must be hundreds of guides on the internet to help people with this "management problem"; the forum here at this site is one place where people can meet to discuss various ideas, hints, tips and tricks-of-the-trade. I've given you a few ideas and I hope they help. I'm sure that others may have their own suggestions that will help you, too.
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9 years 11 months ago #162 by honeyflowfarm
I am new to Kunena and just installed K1.63 My Joomla1.6 site is going to replace my existing site but I do not keep it "on line" yet. I had a BBB forum on my old site and it was taken over by spammers and I had to shut it down. I hope the Kunena site will be better. Is there a captcha program that will work on Joomla1.6? Also can I make every post go to my computer to authorize it before it goes on the forum? I know this is extra work, but we may not have that much activity anyway. Is there any other measures I can take. I see some plugins - but they are not for Joomla1.6

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9 years 11 months ago #163 by honeyflowfarm
OOps - I guess this is the wrong spot - I'll try to find the right one

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9 years 11 months ago #164 by honeyflowfarm
Where would I ask this question? I can not find any forum for Joomla1.6

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9 years 11 months ago - 9 years 11 months ago #165 by flatmattj
Thank you Sozzled for the extensive reply. I very much appreciate you spending the time to give such a long and concise answer to my questions.

Maybe you could create a post of some of the tools you at Kunena use, besides live people in the forums. I have tried blocking IPs and entire countries from my website completely using .htaccess files. (and as stated, they must be registered, email confirmed until they can post). They keep coming back and use proxy servers, I assume. I have people that use the same tactics but the IPs come from China, Chicago, Germany, France, etc... (all over)

Once again, thank you so much for the time you took in your reply, very much appreciated! :)
(BTW - Kunena is the ONLY and BEST Joomla Forum in my opinion!) I have other sites running Kunena with no issues, this one site as Sozzled had said is just a more "high profile" site about paranormal stuff, so of course it is being hit up due to the popularity of that topic.

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9 years 11 months ago #166 by justmebg
If this has been asked before, I can't find it.

I have a few "trouble" users that I would like to set as requiring approval for all of their posts. Most of my forums do not require moderator approval and I want to leave them open, I just want to control those few users who are constant trouble but who haven't quite reached banned status yet. This is a feature available in Yahoo groups that is SUPER helpful.

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9 years 11 months ago #167 by sozzled
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Yes, this question has been asked before (see msg #4 in this topic) and it's a good idea that has not yet been implemented in Kunena.

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9 years 11 months ago #168 by Oscarfishlover
I often get spammers who deliberately join the forum just to advertise on our forum. We normally jump on them pretty quickly, ban them and remove the content.I want to put something along the lines of "attention spammers, your material will be removed quickly if you spam our forum" on the signup page.

The #1 Oscar Fish website on the net
Joomla! 2.5.14
Kunena 3.0.2

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9 years 11 months ago #169 by Matias
They don't read it anyway, so why to bother?

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9 years 11 months ago #170 by kr200
1) please tell me how do i protect my forum from spam ?

2)i also want to prevent users from adding links to my forum like https://www.test1{.}com?

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