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The Kunena team is pleased to announce Kunena 5.1.0 [K 5.1.0].
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Question Use First Name and First letter of Last Name as username

8 years 9 months ago #1 by Crunch
We would like to auto fill the username on the registration page with the persons First name and First initial of last name. This is for school PTA site so we want to use parents name as part of username.
I could see setting this up maybe in the too hard basket, but have to ask. Could be difficult as name is all on one line and not split into two fields.

Need username to be all letters before space and first letter after space of the name they are typing in. This does not have to be un-changeable by parent registering. Just if it filled this way as they typed would remind them to use their name as username. Allowing changes also covers if we had two parents with the same first name and their second name started with the same letter. example Tom Smith / Tom Short.

So think I need a hack that takes what the person is typing and fills the next field (Username) with firstname and first letter after space.


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8 years 9 months ago #2 by sozzled
This is a good question but I don't know whether this is the appropriate forum to be discussing it. As I and others have written on many occasions Kunena does nothing with user registration and login. These are Joomla functions; these functions can be assisted by third-party extensions like JomSocial and Community Builder.

I suspect that you will get a better, faster, and more targetted response to your question at forums.joomla.org or at www.joomlancers.com/ . Good luck :)

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8 years 9 months ago #3 by redheads55
FYI - I do know that on Community Builder it is not auto-fill, but it does tell you immediately if that name is taken, so two Tom S's would not be a problem - it will tell the second one that name is taken while they are still filling out the form.

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