migrated from phpBB to Kunena to create a powerful platform for scholarly discussion.

Why was Kunena chosen?

We'd been using phpBB and a bridge to Joomla, but it never worked well. We constantly had user account synchronization problems and other issues. We did an extensive survey of the available forum options and found Kunena when it was a very young project. And although it was young at the time (a few years ago), the support was great and had already built a good following. We tested it out and found it very stable so that was a major factor in our decision.

How is Kunena being used on the site?

We use Kunena to allow our team of Shakespeare experts worldwide to help less experienced students, actors, and aficionados with their questions. We also conduct debates on a wide range of historical topics as well as ways to interpret Shakespeare's works in the theatre. We also share a variety of resources and documents with our users in the forum.

What are the key advantages of using Kunena for your website?

We're happy to see that the developer was interested in seeing Kunena work in real world applications. We're trying to find other ways to leverage the power of Kunena and push it to its limits.

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