Welcome to the new Kunena website!

This website has undergone many changes in the four years since it was first launched. As the Kunena Project continues to grow, we know that changes are needed so that the site also reflects this growth. Therefore, we've used this opportunity to implement ideas that will ensure the project's continuity. We want to assure all members of our intention that we will continue to serve the community as we always have but there will be also be more announcements in the coming weeks about how we intend to enhance those services even further.

While we're fairly sure that you will welcome many of these changes, we've also said good-bye to a few "old faithfuls". Among those features that have disappeared are JomSocial, the Kunena Extension Directory and the "Vote for new features" feature. Another thing that had disappeared was the integrated private messaging system.

The new Kunena website relies on a standard build of Joomla and Kunena. We felt that it was important to keep things as simple as possible and future-proof the website so that, when the need arises to migrate to future versions of Joomla, we will not be hamstrung by legacy issues that may impact on site maintainability when future versions of Joomla emerge.

Designing and implementing the website for Joomla 2.5 gave us the opportunity to refocus our attention on our current and future business. Although the primary goal of Kunena as open-source, community-driven software — that is available free-for-use — remains, we're putting into action alternative methods to derive a more sustainable income stream that will assist the project into the future. These opportunities will present new challenges for all of us in terms of how people perceive the way we've assisted them to utilise a web-based discussion forum component in their websites. These challenges may be difficult for all of us to accept and how we're going to handle the difficulties that often come when change occurs.

Our policy has always been, we believe, about transparency and that's the one constant that we're sure will remain unchanged.

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anne785 replied the topic: #1 5 years 5 months ago
I beleive the latest updates would definitely help users to be aware of the kuenea updates.
machadoug's Avatar
machadoug replied the topic: #2 5 years 6 months ago
It would be much better if the Kunena forum template was also compatible with responsive Joomla templates ;-(
peternet replied the topic: #3 5 years 7 months ago

snilloconator wrote: whoa! Very nice K-Team!!! Very clean and liking the responsive template.

I want this responsive disign in my website too.
Please tell me how is it done?
xamire's Avatar
xamire replied the topic: #4 5 years 7 months ago
Love the new site and styling. The new logo looks really sharp guys, good job!
ChaosHead's Avatar
ChaosHead replied the topic: #5 5 years 8 months ago
White, red, blue, dark blue, black, green, gray, yellow, violet. It is too much colors and a color combination is not so good. Heavy for my eyes.
The old Kunena logo was more interesting.
I liked effect upon transition between pages.

I would replace this color #0099FE with this color #5388B4. It more readable. The THANK YOU button is now painted with this color.