How I can change or install new Smileys?

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Upload new images

If you want use other smileys, the first step is, to upload them.

  • Open a FTP client like FileZilla or something else and navigate to this folder /components/com_kunena/template/yourtemplate/images/yourlanguage/emoticons
  • yourtemplate here you must navigate to the template you employ - standard template is "default_ex"
  • yourlanguage here you must navigate to the language you have installed - standard language is "english"
  • upload the new images into this folder, you can use the image formats: jpg, gif and png and you can name the coloured smileys, however you like (of course you should avoid empty space in the name or cryptical signs). The names of the grey twins are restricted, please read the following chapter.

Grey Smileys

In the post history you have seen surely yet those grey smileys. If you don't have additional grey smileys you might do your own.

Convert to greyscales

Open your smiley in an image editing software like the freeware Irfan View or something else and "convert to greyscale", then perhaps change the brightness.

Transparent Smileys

If you need smileys with transparent background, you'll find here a tutorial with the free software gimp.

Names Convention

To show Kunena the affiliation between a grey and a coloured smiley, you must save them like following: the colour smiley is named laugh.gif, then save the grey smiley laugh-grey.gif. If the colour smiley is named as laugh.png, then save the grey one under laugh-grey.png. Same with grin.png = grin-grey.png and so on. Don't forget to upload the coloured and grey smileys like explained in the first paragraph of this article.

Add new Smileys or change the available Smileys

  • Edit Smilies
    Go to the Joomla Backend, then to Kunena Configuration (Components -> Kunena Forum) and select Edit Smilies (See image at right).

  • Selecting a smiley + using the Edit button, you can edit existing smileys of your forum or simple doubleclick on the smiley, that you want to modify.

New Smiley Menu
  • Using the button New Smile, you can add your new uploaded smileys to your forums. From dropdown list (you should see the names of the new smileys here), select one of the images that you want to use (See image at left). Choose here only your coloured smiley. If you have named the grey smileys like explained in the chapter "Grey Smileys / Names Convention" above, Kunena will find the appendant grey smiley automatically.

  • Inputfield Code: Insert the code for your smiley like :), if you are using text strings, it is recommend to set colons ":" before and after the string :cry:, to declare it as code and to avoid mix-ups with the normal text.

  • Select further Emoticonbar if you want, that your smiley appears beside the messagebox, leave it blank, then the smiley appears, when you click on "more smileys". Regard the restricted count in the emoticonbar, this may differ in templates. In the standard template default_ex you can insert 20 smileys into emoticonbar and an uncountless rest, that will be shown in the "more smilies" table. Don't forget to click on save.

  • You can not change the order of smileys about the menu "Edit Smilies". There is a way about the database table, that will be explained in another tutorial.

For more informations about smiley management please read also: Smiley management

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