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What is Kunena?

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Kunena 3.0

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Kunena Features Installation
Installation, Migration, Upgrade, Downgrade and Download.
Kunena (by version) Kunena Read Me
Important and informative "Readme" documents

Frequently asked questions
Errors or Bugs? See here to find solutions.
Kunena Add-ons
Extended features for Kunena
Kunena Security Checklist
Security Information

All about Kunena Templates
Kunena is multilingual - find translations
Developer resources


Copyright (C) 2008 - 2014 Kunena Project. All rights reserved.
Kunena is a registered trademark.

Kunena, and all associated software and documentation developed by the Kunena project, derives from copyrighted works licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. All software products developed by the Kunena project are licensed pursuant to the GNU General Public Licence as of 29 June 2007 and, as distributed, include or are derivative of, works licensed under the GNU General Public Licence or other free or open source software licences, including other copyrighted works as attributed to within the source code.

  1. Although some people may believe that the term "support" implies that a contractually binding obligation exists whereupon the Kunena team will attempt to remedy software defects or operational issues involving Kunena products, the use of the term "support" does not impose any obligation on the Kunena team to address or respond to any requests for assistance, reports of software malfunction or defect, or to rectify faults, omissions, failures or damage. It is important for readers to understand this distinction. "Support" does not imply that every problem will be resolved (or can be resolved) at zero cost. We do understand that some people have genuine issues that affect only them (and that may not affect others) and we do our best - in a community-driven, self-help forum context - to provide advice as best we can. The terms of use clearly sets out the limitation of support.

Some images used on this page courtesy DryIcons (Terms of Free License).

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