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Compat 25.png Compat 30.png The Kunena team has released Kunena 3.0.1 [K 3.0.1] as a native Joomla extension for J! 2.5 and J! 3.x. K 3.0.1 is a maintenance release for Kunena that addresses about 30 important issues that were reported since the last version release. The Kunena team recommends this updated version that supersedes previous versions of K 3.0.

This document should be read together with Kunena 3.0.0 Read Me. Because of the changes that K 3.0 introduced, it is important that you read through this document carefully before installing for the first time or if you are upgrading from a version of Kunena that existed before K 3.0.

Summary of maintenance changes

  • General improvements to the source code and bug fixes (frontend and backend)
  • Fixes avatar/attachment issues in cases where PHP open_basedir setting is in operation
  • Fixes K 3.0.0 modules changing HTTP status code
  • Fixes K 3.0.0 generating "too many" log entries which may occur in certain circumstances[1].
  • Fixes broken links when using JomSocial user profiles
  • Allows for the creation of new topics within sections

System Requirements

For a complete list of system requirements, see the separate article Technical Requirements.

Kunena 3.0 has a single installation package for supported versions of Joomla. As Kunena 3.0 relies the latest features and bugfixes in Joomla, the installation procedure will abort with an error message if the minimum requirements are not met.

Folder permissions

The following folders need to have write permissions[2], in order to allow Kunena to be installed on your Joomla installation.


Compatibility with third-party templates written for Kunena

K 3.0 retains the MVC structure introduced in K 2.0. Most templates that were designed to use Kunena 2.0 MVC should work out of the box in Joomla! 2.5. Please verify J! 3.x and K 3.0 compatibility from the author of the template before upgrading Kunena or Joomla.

The legacy Blue Eagle template has been retained for this version because newer K 3.0 templates are not ready for release. Legacy template support has been retained in K 3.0 to assist users transitioning from older versions of Kunena to K3.0 before moving to the updated templating architecture. For more information, please read Updating existing templates to Kunena 2.0.

Compatibility with other extensions written for Kunena

Kunena 3.0 retains the same framework introduced in K 2.0. If you get "white pages" or various unexplainable errors and notifications after upgrading to K 3.0, it is most likely that you have forgotten to upgrade or disable some of the extensions that integrate with Kunena. In these cases, please review all the components, modules and plug-ins that have been known, in the past, to interoperate with Kunena. If you experience fatal errors, white pages or HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors you should contact the authors of the failing extension and ask them if they are using the correct methods for Detecting Kunena Version and using Kunena Framework.

Installing or Upgrading Kunena

Kunena Download Page

Installation procedures are described in separate articles: K 3.0 Installation Guide and K 3.0 Upgrade Guide

Abridged Change Log

Kunena changelog since latest release

  • #1809: Trashmanager: When restore items. Just show 1 message row in enqueued messages
  • #1712: Avatar open_basedir problem with /tmp
  • #1804: User manager: You cannot delete users because the task name has been changed in users controller
  • #1802: User Manager > tool tips: Enabled users will displayed as blocked and vice versa
  • #1732: Allow creation of new topic in/under section
  • #1799: Modules shouldn't change http status code
  • #1784: Kunena 3.0 still generates legacy URLs
  • #1792 J! 2.5: Ban or unban user in backend doesn't work
  • #1788 Different Language issues (J! 2.5.x & J! 3.1.1)
  • #1778: Log only errors and delete log file on installation
  • #Fix broken BBCode and some legacy BBCode issues derived from PHP4 support
  • Missing userid in links to go to JomSocial userprofile
  • #1777 Untranslated language strings - COM_KUNENA_USER_BANNED/BLOCKED_DONE
  • #1760: No categories are shown on first visit
  • #1745: Preview link doesn't have menu item
  • Admin tools: Fix aliases during category recount
  • J3.0 Administration: Fatal error in diagnostics page
  • #1757 Notice in Diagnostic tool with J! 3.1.1
  • #1750 (J 2.5) Trash Manager - select all, selects always the half
  • #1749 Save profile: JUser:: _load: Unable to load user with id
  • #1748 Installation issue (languages)
  • #1787: Admin dashboard icons are the same
  • #1757 Update template and language string of diagnostics tool for Joomla 3.1
  • Remove 2.9.x support form KunenaForum::isCompatible()
  • Deal a few PhpStorm inspector warnings
  • Re-enable GIT install in tools
  • Administration: Improve category access group listing
  • Improve language loading on system and quickicon plugins
  • #1712: Deprecate CKunenaFile, CKunenafolder, CKunenaPath

Kunena source code

Kunena developers use the power of GitHub as the public source code repository. The developers encourage all users and other open source developers to help with fixes, features and enhancements to the existing code base. If you are interested in contributing, please provide a patch or enhanced branch and we will be happy to consider it for inclusion in the main code branch (quality and feature completeness permitting).

Find the source code repository here: Browse source code


Kunena is an open source project that requires the dedication and investment of personal time from various contributors. This version has been made possible by the following contributors :

  • Matias Griese - Development
  • Florian Dal Fitto - Development
  • Joshua Weiss - Design and Development
  • Jelle Kok - Design and Testing
  • Ron Severdia - Design
  • Janich Rasmussen - Contribution
  • Sven Schultschik - Languages
  • Michael Russell - Forum Moderation and Documentation
  • Richard Binder - Forum Moderation and Testing
  • Sami Haaranen - Forum Moderation and Testing
  • Joe Collins - Forum Moderation and Testing
  • Oliver Ratzesberger - Founder

There is no company behind Kunena; everyone who contributes to Kunena is a hobbyist, enthusiast or professional web developer who gives their time freely to this project - volunteers every one of us. Our hope is to make Kunena the most reliable, scalable, durable and robust forum component for Joomla that we can make it and to give people the best solution to meeting their forum needs. The forum is a self-help community-driven resource for users to help one another. Our job, in moderating the forum, is not necessarily to answer every question but, rather, to point people in the right direction where they can find the answers.

Kunena is a registered trademark.

Kunena 3.0 is made possible by a financial contribution from Pyramind and a resource contribution from Emmanuel Lemor.

Language credits

English translation was made by the Kunena team with many suggestions and corrections from our community. We would also like to give special thanks to all our translators, who have worked hard to localize Kunena in their own languages.

Language support for this release

The following languages have been fully translated and are included:

en-GB: English


  1. See [http://www.kunena.org/forum/kunena-3-0-support/127693-kunena-creates-a-huge-log-file Kunena creates a huge log file]
  2. see Securing Kunena

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