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Server side JSON within Joomla

Simple overview of how to implement server side JSON for ajax requests:

Useful mootools samples and classes

Link Tweaker - Format internal and external links differently:

FormCheck - Form validation class:

FancyUpload - A stylish file upload class for mootools:

AutoCompleter - Auto complete text input fields with Ajax and JSON:

Roar - Notifications - Possibly a new topic/post notification

SqueezeBox - Expandable Lightbox

Persistent Header on pages:


Dynamic Accordion Menu:

OmniGrid - Advanced DataGrid for Mootools:

Facebook-Style Modal Box:


Pull Quotes:

MooTools LazyLoad:

iPhone Checkboxes Using MooTools:

PNGCRUSH a Directory of Images

Very useful script to pngcrush images and save a ton of storage without loosing quality:

Useful OSX symbolic link tool

If you aren't much into terminal command line and want a quick way to create UNIX level symbolic links this might be for you:

This tool will add a context menu that makes creation of symbolic links super easy.

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